Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+

Fact Sheets

  • PNT Delta Detachment 1

    The Det’s primary mission is providing logistics, maintenance and operations support to GPS space vehicles from the time they depart the production facility (Lockheed Martin), through launch and space vehicle separation from the rocket, and through completion of on-orbit testing and checkout. Once


    Organization:Project leader:Project Proposal:Planned Project Dates:Means of transport into/out of Pituffik:Number of Participants:Tons of Cargo (include all hazards):Contact Information:*Small projects are considered:


    Reference Number:Project Dates:Means of transport into/out of Pituffik:Means of transport within Pituffik:Number Participants:Cargo listing in Tons (include all hazards):Special requests (be very specific):Lodging:Vehicles:Communications:Cargo/Passenger Transportation

  • Peterson Space Force Base History

    Peterson SFB traces its roots to the early years of World War II. Colorado Springs Army Air Base was established on 28 April 1942 at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, which had served the city since 1926. The base’s first mission was photographic reconnaissance training under the auspices of

  • Peterson SFB Newcomers Information

    WELCOME TO PETERSON SPACE FORCE BASE! The men and women of the Peterson- Schriever Garrison, operating location Peterson SFB, Team Pete, work throughout the Colorado Springs area in what is known as the Peterson Complex, including Peterson Space Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain Space