Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+

Fact Sheets

  • Software Engineering Squadron

    Created upon activation of the PNT Delta on Oct. 13, 2023, the Software Engineering Squadron is responsible for the acquisition, development, and deployment of the Next Generation Operational Control system (OCX), which currently augments – and is ultimately intended to replace – the current

  • Space Delta 2 - Operating Location Bravo

    DEL 2/OL-B serves as a liaison synchronizing operations between DEL 2 and the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) No. 1 Space Surveillance Unit (1 SSU). OL-B advises DEL 2 leadership on system status and coordinates U.S. support of 1 SSU’s space missions. Facilitating communication between 1 SSU and

  • Space Delta 2, Detachment 2

    Space Delta 2 Detachment 2 is an operational unit that blends work with the AFRL unit stationed  at the Starfire Optical Range. The detachment has an operational Space Domain Awareness (SDA)  mission under Space Operaons Command (SpOC) Delta 2 and an R&D SDA mission under the Air  Force Research

  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Office

    The Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Office is a component of Space Delta 8 and is headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.Mission: Satellite Communications Office executes continuous operational satellite communications (SATCOM) payload management and planning through its Consolidated

  • Space Delta 2 - Space Domain Awareness and Space Battle Management

    Space Delta 2 (DEL 2) conducts Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and Space Battle Management (SBM) operations to identify, characterize, and exploit opportunities and mitigate vulnerabilities in the national security space terrain on behalf of the United States Space Force and United States Space