Software Engineering Squadron

Created upon activation of the PNT Delta on Oct. 13, 2023, the Software Engineering Squadron is responsible for the acquisition, development, and deployment of the Next Generation Operational Control system (OCX), which currently augments – and is ultimately intended to replace – the current Architecture Evolution Plan command and control system implemented in 2007 in support of GPS Block II space vehicles.

OCX will command all modernized and legacy GPS satellites, manage all civil and military navigation signals, and provide improved cybersecurity and resilience for the next generation of GPS operations.  Following an incremental approach, OCX is deploying in 4 blocks:

  • Block 0 is the Launch and Control System (LCS) intended to control Launch and Early Orbit (LEO) operations and the on-orbit checkout of all GPS III satellites. OCX Block 0 is a subset of OCX Block 1 providing the hardware, software, and cybersecurity base for Block 1.  Status: Deployed/Operational.
  • Block 1 fields the operational capability to control all legacy satellites and corresponding civil and military signals, as well as the GPS III satellites, the modernized civil signal, and the aviation safety-of-flight signal. It will also field basic operational capability to control the modernized military signals (M-Code) and the globally compatible signal. 
  • Deployed concurrently with Block 1, Block 2 fields the advanced operational capability to control the advanced M-Code features.  Status: Early 2024 Deployment.
  • Block 3F will upgrade OCX with new capabilities to synchronize with GPS IIIF Space Segment and Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) Increment 2 capabilities. OCX Block 3F is required in order to launch and operationally command and control GPS IIIF space vehicles.  Status: Summer 2025

Formerly designated SSC/CGCX as part of the Command and Control Systems Division, SES transferred from Space Systems Command’s Military Communications and Position, Navigation, and Timing Program Executive Office upon activation of the PNT Delta on Oct. 13, 2023.  

(Current as of Jan 2024)