Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+

Fact Sheets

  • 21st Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 3 - (Hawaii Tracking Station)

    Hawaii Tracking Station (HTS) or call sign “HULA”, is Detachment 3 of the 21st Space Operations Squadron, a unit of Space Delta 6, Space Operations Command, Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado. It is one of the seven worldwide satellite remote tracking stations in the Satellite Control Network

  • 21st Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 2 - (Guam Tracking Station)

    GTS is a tenant unit on Andersen AFB. Its mission is to execute on-demand, real-time C2 operations for launch and operations of DoD, allied, and civil satellites providing assured access to space. GTS supports DoD-assigned space missions by operating and maintaining SCN antennas providing data and

  • 69th Cyberspace Squadron

    The 69th Cyberspace Squadron, is a component of Delta 6, located at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado. MISSION: The 69th Cyberspace Squadron is charged to conduct defensive cyberspace operations enabling operations in support of Space Delta 6's Satellite Control Network at various locations