21st Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 2 - (Guam Tracking Station)

Guam Tracking Station (GTS) or call sign “GUAM” is a component of the 21st Space Operations Squadron, Space Delta 6 based at Schriever SFB, CO. It is one of seven worldwide remote tracking stations (RTS) in the Satellite Control Network (SCN).  

GTS is located on the northernmost tip of Guam on a WWII-era airstrip known as Northwest Field on Andersen Air Force Base, home of PACAF’s 36th Wing. The climate in Guam is tropical with particularly warm temperatures and high humidity throughout most of the year.  Normal daily temperatures range from 80-90 ℉ with 75-90 % humidity. 

Detachment 2 was established in 1965 originally as the 6594th Aerospace Test Wing, Operating Location 10 to become the fifth of seven remote RTS’ that comprise the Satellite Control Network (SCN).  After several reorganizations/redesignations, in 2020 the 21st Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 2 was assigned under Delta 6, Space Operations Command, United States Space Force.

Guam Tracking Station Overview
GTS is a tenant unit on Andersen AFB. Its mission is to execute on-demand, real-time C2 operations for launch and operations of DoD, allied, and civil satellites providing assured access to space.  GTS supports DoD-assigned space missions by operating and maintaining SCN antennas providing data and status to multiple users and command centers. Additionally, the unit supports other DoD systems providing critical capabilities in support of the Joint Force in the INDOPACOM region.  
The unit consists of one military member, two government civilians and approximately 30 contractors executing the 24/7 mission enabling real-time satellite C2 in support of the warfighter.  The unit is part of the $6.8 billion SCN.  The SCN ground systems consist of Automated Remote Tracking Station (ARTS), Remote Block Change (RBC), and Hybrid RBC antennas.

GTS is a three-sided station comprised of a 46-foot (A-side) hybridized antenna, a 60-foot (B-side) contingent antenna, and a 46-foot (C-side) ARTS. In 2023 the original B-side antenna was destroyed/decommissioned due to excessive damage from Typhoon Mawar. Additionally in 2021 GTS-A was upgraded to an RBC Hybrid.

21 SOPS, Detachment 2 SCN Systems

Antenna Transmit Receive  Built
GTS-A, RBC Hybrid         1.75 to 1.85 GHz     2.2 to 2.3 GHz      1968
GTS-B, Contingent               1.75 to 1.85 GHz      2.2 to 2.3 GHz      2006
GTS-C, ARTS          1.75 to 1.85 GHz          2.2 to 2.3 GHz           1978


Key Personnel

Detachment Commander           Capt. Nick Gordon
Site Director                               Mr. Erik Redmond
Quality Assurance                      Mr. Joseph Bordallo 

(Current as of February 2024)