Down to Earth with DEL 9

  • Published
  • By Mike Slater

For this edition of Down to Earth, we’re heading to Space Delta 9 - Orbital Warfare to meet Space Force Tech. Sgt. Brittany Cason.

Cason, originally from Brandon, Fla., leads a program that facilitates team building, mission planning, professional development, and overall preparation of new Guardians as they transition to be Orbital Warfare professionals.

“My desire to serve my country is the primary reason why I joined,” said Cason. “I continue to serve because the community and comradery that I have been a part of has made a positive impact on my life, and I want to continue to promote that positivity.”

Cason is also a member of the Air Force Cycling Team; an honor she describes as the coolest thing she’s done in the military. Each year the AFCT participates in the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, or RAGBRAI. The week-long event starts at the Missouri River and ends at the Mississippi River; traveling through various Iowa towns along the way.

“We build positive community relations by continually rendering aid to riders in need, from bicycle repairs to first aid,” said Cason. “We wear our USAF cycling uniforms during the day’s ride and Air Force outerwear during the evening and night activities. Whether we’re on the road or in the overnight towns, people recognize us and want to engage in conversation about the Space Force and Air Force and serving our country.”

In addition to riding, Cason enjoys hiking, reading, spending time with friends, and runs her own beauty business, selling products online and locally. She also enjoys anything soul food—her favorite.

“My family has southern roots and every Sunday, my grandmother makes our favorite comfort foods,’ she said. “Soul food is a reflection of love and southern hospitality, and it shows in every bite.”

When asked what her mantra is, Cason replied, “The greatest gift that life will hand you is discomfort.”

“Discomfort forces a person to grow, change and adapt,” said Cason. “As we grow in our career, seeking opportunities that may temporarily give us the feeling of discomfort can lead to furthering our continuous growth process.”