Choose a focus and make it happen

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Brent Sonday
  • 21st Medical Squadron commander
Choosing a focus is essential to our mission success in the Air Force today. The importance of having a vision, simplifying and honing in on a significant task should be a primary goal in our units and key to the success of our organizations. Involving all of our team members in the process of selecting a focus will also play a significant role in the final outcome of ultimately achieving a successful mission.

Many senior leaders over the years have simplified their focus by utilizing a catchy phrase or grouping their focus into a few key words. An example is, "Always remember the three P's, Pride in our units, taking care of our People, and Perseverance."

Instilling a sense of pride in our units is a very important step in getting the team going in the right direction and will have a positive effect in maintaining long-term success. The higher we aim, the more likely we are to reach our goals and accomplish our vision. Emphasizing excellence and building confidence in our Airmen and young officers is also a very important aspect when establishing Pride within our units. Many undeniable effects begin to occur when Airmen gain confidence, enhance their skills, mature in their progression and believe in themselves.

Taking care of our People is the next very important step in keeping the mission going in the right direction. There are many different ways to take care of our people. In order to truly take good care of our People, we must first find a way to get to know them. Spending time to learn our troops' strengths and weaknesses is an essential step before we are able to provide good and honest feedback. Making sure our enlisted and officer reports are consistent, honest and fair are also important aspects of caring for our People. Recognizing our very best with awards, promotions and pats on the back will not only build confidence and instill a sense of Pride in our troops, but will also teach others the benefit of taking care of their People.

The third and arguably the most important focus is one that we all can accomplish, no matter what our given abilities and skills, and that is Perseverance. Promoting a never-give-up attitude within our teams will no doubt lead to a great deal of success. Teaching Perseverance to our Airmen will go a long way in helping our units sustain and maintain the mission even when times are tough.

Choosing a focus is an essential part to providing good leadership. Directing our troops toward the objectives we seek by establishing a focus early on within our units will lead to many mission successes. Remembering the three P's -- having Pride in our units, taking care of our People, and Perseverance -- will help make the mission happen.