Always ready, always improving

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Benjamin Wendike
  • 21st Space Wing Inspector General
Yes, the rumor is true; the 21st Space Wing has a Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone scheduled May 10-19. So, before everyone starts to panic, I'll let you all in on a little secret... We are continually under inspection and the Team Pete Inspector General office is here to help. This is the first of many IG-related messages to pass on trends, information, encouragement, excitement and reshaping our mindset, approaching how to ensure mission readiness and compliance is part of the continual battle rhythm.

The Air Force Inspection System has significantly changed in purpose and requires all Team Pete big-A Airmen to change the way we think. Instead of focusing on an upcoming inspection, we need to adopt the mindset of focusing on daily mission readiness and displaying continual improvement to our many processes. The responsibility of making sure a unit is compliant is now a part of everyone's primary duties. As Col. John Shaw, 21st SW commander said, it is every Airman's duty to be a sensor of unit effectiveness.

Organizational success and readiness depends upon the commitment of each and every Airman at the individual, unit and installation levels. It is everyone's responsibility to assess the health of their unit by concentrating on the four major graded areas: managing resources, leading people, improving the unit and executing the mission. Airmen are encouraged to identify and communicate deficiencies to leaders. Leaders are encouraged to reward the red. In doing this we all contribute to maximizing the commander's ability to use unit resources to achieve desired effectiveness in mission areas.

Truly, every Airman's participation is needed. As active sensors using the Management Internal Control Toolset, Inspector General Evaluation Management Systems, or the Commander's Self-Assessment Tool you will improve the Wing's mission effectiveness through continuous self-assessment. These tools allow units to maintain steady improvement and identify ways to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness through the inspection program. 

It doesn't matter what unit you're in, your position description or where you're physically located. As members of the 21st Space Wing, we should all be excited to begin this new phase with each and every one of our coworkers and teammates. So, let's get excited and make that mental switch from inspection ready to always ready because as an organization we are continually improving. In the era of doing more with less, we eagerly look forward to all input on more effectively and efficiently running our programs in order to meet mission demands.

To contact the IG, call 556-2104 or DSN 834-2104.