Every C.E.O. a sensor

  • Published
  • By Col. Kimerlee Conner
  • 21st Mission Support Group commander
An assignment to Peterson AFB is one many strive for and an opportunity we should all take pride in. Just as Colorado is a beautiful place to live, work and play, Peterson AFB echoes the beauty of the surrounding area. Ensuring our installation is maintained to the high of standards is something the mission support group regularly attends to, but is also a responsibility for all. Every individual is asked to act as a sensor to ensure the base is maintained to the high standards that are seen and expected every day.

You may be wondering about the title, "Every C.E.O. a sensor." A retired Air Force chief master sergeant recently shared this acronym with us. As he described it, for today's force, C.E.O. equates to Civilian, Enlisted and Officer personnel. To say the base is the CEO's responsibility is a true statement, we must all ensure our base is the best it can be. Although it could be described many ways, taking care of the base can be categorized into two activities: safety and maintenance.

Safety, as everyone knows, is something which is taken very seriously. One aspect of ensuring the safety of the installation is physical security. In addition to our security forces, each of you are another tool to ensure our physical security - you can assist through our Eagle Eyes program. As a refresher, the Eagle Eyes number is 556-4000, I would encourage everyone to commit this number to memory, write it down for quick reference and/or put the number into your cell phone. As a CEO sensor you should have active situational awareness - be vigilant by paying attention to your surroundings. If you see anything amiss, contact the appropriate authorities or make an Eagle Eyes report.

Similarly, maintenance of the base is also something that we need everyone's help with. While we strive to take notice and address any issues, the more people looking, the better. While you're out and about on the base, take time to appreciate the beauty of our installation, take pride in our facilities, and make note of anything not operating correctly or that seems out of place. A recent example of one such area which was reported was a broken sprinkler head - water was shooting out like Old Faithful. This particular event happened on a weekend evening, so without the call, it may have gone unnoticed for some time. Do not assume the right people are already aware and just haven't gotten to it yet. Your call may be the first indicator we get that something is broken or needs attention. The quicker we are notified, the quicker the response and the remedy. If you see something not working properly, or not working at all, bring it to the attention of our civil engineering customer service at 556-4030. Please add this number to your contacts as well.

We have all heard the adage "don't walk past a problem." This goes for the maintenance of the installation as well. If there's trash on the ground, pick it up. If you see something amiss, report it and we'll get the experts out to address the issue. Working together we are force multipliers, having everyone look out to make this installation the best place to work, live and visit will increase our effectiveness significantly!

We should constantly strive to make things better - I encourage and challenge every person to take an active interest in the safety and maintenance of our base. We are all sensors, if you notice something, please use your judgment, be constructive and contact the proper agencies. We are all very fortunate to live in such a wonderful community and one that so strongly supports our military. Thank you to everyone for your help in making Peterson AFB the best base to visit, live and work -- we could not do it without you.

Key Team Pete numbers
- CE customer service: 556-4030
- Eagle Eyes: 556-4000