Motorcycle riders, safety on the road

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Robert Cook
  • P-S GAR Safety Office

Riding the winding mountain roads of Colorado can be dangerous, especially when gravel is on the road. Around every corner a hazard can present itself without warning.


A way to avoid wiping out due to gravel is to take corners wide and at an easy pace. This will increase vision through the corner and allow you to assess the situation.


Another major hazard for riders are potholes.


A rider often comes into contact with a pothole when they are following other vehicles too closely and are unable to maneuver out of the way. To avoid damage, riders should leave enough space between them and the car in front of them to allow enough time to maneuver.


Another tip is to avoid staring at the pothole. Staring at the pothole while riding can cause target fixation, which inhibits people from getting out of the way. It is best to look forward and maneuver to avoid it.


When riding on base, all riders, both military and civilian, need to have all the appropriate personal protective equipment; this includes a helmet, eye protection if the helmet is not full faced, a long shirt, long pants, over the ankle shoes and leather gloves.


For more information about motorcycle safety or if you are interested in riding a motorcycle, please contact a motorcycle safety representative or the Peterson-Schriever Garrison Safety Office at (719) 556-8905 or (719) 556-7233.