Keepin' It Reel: Tiger King

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Watching Tiger King reminds me of my first Air Force assignment deeeeeep in the south. Around every corner was a shocking experience that often left me feeling thankful for all my teeth and for having graduated high school—even if it was just a Jersey education...that’ll give you some perspective. The docu-series also reminded me of my home state, New Jersey, for the consistent storyline of people mysteriously going missing (check the bottom of the Hudson or in this case, the stomach of a lion). Anyways, want to feel better about your life while stuck between the same four walls? Watch two episodes of Tiger King and call me in the morning. You’ll instantly feel better.



Tiger King...just wow. It's like if I took all the train wreck family reunions I've ever been to and put it on steroids. The beautifully filmed docuseries is probably the most artfully crafted dumpster fire I have ever subjected myself and my spouse to. With reptiles, big cats, conspiracy theories, muder-for-hire plots and the cringiest relationships I have ever witnessed there is something for everyone, at least anyone who's not concerned about losing a couple brain cells and enjoys mind numbing reality TV. The personalities of the interviewees, the constant drama, and cliff hangers are enough to provide you with hours of entertainment during this lock down. I'm not gonna lie, the memes that have come out of this are almost as entertaining as the show itself. Word to the wise, do not do the drinking game for all 7 episodes at one time, you hate yourself more than I care to admit.



"It's Grreeeaaaat!"

Don't know who Carol Baskin is yet? Then you need to watch 'Tiger King' on Netflix. It will make you feel better about your life decisions after getting through all seven hours. Binge it, it's not like you're going anywhere.

Besides, you may want to make sure you're up-to-speed with the many memes floating around social media these days.

Now let me preface it by saying, it's a train wreck. Seriously, the first episode may have you wanting to turn it to House Hunters or The Great British Bake-Off (all worthy of background TV binge watching), but it picks up speed. And just like a train wreck, you won't be able to avert your eyes.

Filmed over the course of several years by a clearly passionate and committed filmmaker, this wonderfully, engaging documentary takes many gripping twists and turns and just when you thought it couldn't get weirder- BAM- it does. It starts as a film about big cat conservation, but quickly dives into the wacky world of a gay exotic cat wrangler and his feud with a wild eyed, eccentric cat conservationist who may or may not have killed her first husband- Carol-freaking-Baskin!

If you just numb out and try not to gather some sage wisdom, you'll realize your life is wonderful and the truth really is stranger than fiction. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.


Snow Write

Tiger King: It’s good to be the King

Normally life is enough of a slow-moving, glittery train wreck that I don’t like to watch reality television. Seeing how other people navigate through it, while making a ridiculous profit, makes me feel lazy. And I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. However, I am onboard for this exotic madness. Like, okay 2020. Choo choo.

The first episode of Tiger King does a good job laying the groundwork for backstory, so you know what big cat-obsessed mess you’re about to subject yourself to. However, halfway through episode two you are hooked. If you don’t believe me here’s a snippet: Joe somehow got hired to talk to local-area high schoolers about not doing drugs. But a man in a sequined shirt with a bleached mullet is just not going to get through to the youths. So, he added tigers. Then he added magic. HE CREATED A MAGIC TIGER SHOW TO TALK ABOUT THE DANGERS OF DRUGS. And thus, a star was born. Honestly, even though it’s seriously not healthy, I wish I was into anything as much as these people are into cats. After watching this series, I am upset with myself for not owning more clothing with big cat prints or sequins on it. I am more upset that people actually thought Joe Exotic’s melodious, twangy voice sung any of those tiger songs. And finally, I am most upset that I am seriously planning my Carole Baskin Halloween costume. 

Tiger King pairs well with a can of rose´ (preferably with edible glitter sprinkled in) and a bloody, rare steak. Omit the sardine oil.



You know the way someone’s face looks when they see something confusing? Their eyebrows dip down, forehead wrinkles and eyes narrow… that was me while watching this series from start to finish (In one evening, because I have no will power). Within the first episode, following the now incarcerated “Tiger King” roadside big cat sideshow extraordinaire, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then with each episode following, the show “one-upped” itself and got even more absurd. From limbs being eaten, rancid leftover meats being fed to animals and people donated from big chain superstores, polygamy rival zoos, elected official bids and a missing husband… I was hooked until the end. This was one-hundred percent mullet, missing teeth perfection with a twist of true crime! I’d recommend this series to anyone bored during a pandemic lockdown.