Hope begins with you

  • Published
  • By Investigator Adam J. Miller
  • 21st Security Forces Squadron
When we hear the words “Human Trafficking,” we often imagine men sitting in a dark room, wearing suits, smoking cigars and bidding on victims. That is until the hero breaks down the door, rescues the victims and they ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately for the real life victims, the hero seldom ever comes.

However, there is hope, which begins with you.

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Human trafficking signatures are unique and identifiable if you look for them. Some signs of human trafficking include working excessively long or unusual hours, high security measures in their work environment, being fearful or anxious, avoiding eye contact, appearing malnourished, having little to no personal items, and does not control their identification or passport.

If you know these signs and pay attention, you can be the hero in rescuing someone from the grip of human trafficking.

We often think that these things do not happen, because we simply do not want them to. The fact is, according to the International Labor Organization report, in 2014 an estimated 21 million people were victims of human trafficking. These staggering numbers earn traffickers roughly $150 billion dollars every year!

In 2016, the Human Trafficking Hotline reported over 120 human trafficking cases in Colorado, and nearly 400 calls to report possible trafficking; sex trafficking being the most common method with 85 confirmed cases.

If you observe any activity that you believe may be linked to human trafficking, contact the 21st Security Forces Squadron Investigations section at 556-7060.

As a member of the Colorado Springs community, you can be the hero these victims so desperately need by reporting suspected trafficking activity. Your vigilance will give these victims a path to freedom as well as a much needed second chance at life.