Respect and professionalism is key

  • Published
  • By Commentary by Debbie Reddecliff
  • 21st Space Wing Equal Opportunity
As 2017 begins, the 21st Space Wing Equal Opportunity Office hopes individuals remain professional and respectful throughout the new year. When everyone treats each other in this manner, complaints are far and few.

The Air Force is a diverse group of people and we must have an understanding that our strengths derive from our differences as well as our shared values, goals and ethics.

EO would like to remind everyone new to the installation what their purview is, and what the EO office and leadership can do to help resolve any issues. To help give you a better understanding of what we can do for you we came up with READINESS:

Respect – We encourage respect and advocate for the infinite dignity and worth of all individuals

Excellence – To excel in education, training and research

Awareness – To bring awareness of the issues, successes and strategies in human relations

Diversity – Foster an understanding that our strengths derive from our differences as well as our shared values, goals and ethics

Innovation – Develop new processes, technology and designs to enhance our mission

Nation – All we do is in support of our nation which we have sworn to defend and endeavor to improve

Exchange – Create a spirit of academic freedom and professional responsibility

Selfless Service – Prioritize equality and fairness within the installation

Support – Unwavering support for our customers and our organization

We do this through our briefings at Right Start, the First Term Airmen Course, Key Personnel Briefs and First Duty Station training. It is important to foster an environment in which Air Force members can rise to the highest level of responsibility possible based solely on individual merit, fitness, and capability.

To aid in cross-cultural awareness, there are 11 Federally Mandated Observances in 2017. With the help of leadership and the EO office serving as subject matter experts, we are hoping for some amazing events starting with Martin Luther King’s birthday on Jan. 16, 2017.

Here is the list of Federally Mandated Observances and the dates they are observed in 2017:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Observance – Jan. 16
African-American Heritage Month – Feb. 1-28
Women's History Month – March 1-31
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month – April 1-20
Holocaust Days of Remembrance – April 8, April 7-14
Asian Pacific Island Heritage Month – May 1-31
LGBT Pride Month – June 1-30
Women's Equality Day – Aug. 26
Hispanic Heritage Month – Sept. 15 – Oct. 15
National Disability Employment Awareness Month – Oct. 1-31
National American Indian Heritage Month – Nov. 1-30

Some local, diverse events to check out are the Greek Festival in August, Imagination Celebration in September, and Territory Days over the Memorial Day weekend.

As long as each individual treats others as they would want to be treated, 2017 will be an outstanding year for the 21st Space Wing.