The bond of service unites all

  • Published
  • By Col. Doug Schiess
  • 21st Space Wing commander
The bond formed by military service connects Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines in a common experience regardless of the branch in which they served. It is a bond created by sacrifice, determination and resilience that is honored by a grateful nation every Veterans Day. This holiday is a day when hard earned honor and respect is poured out upon millions of men and women who are recognized as the true heroes and heroines of freedom.

This strong bond doesn’t end when we stop wearing the uniform. We are in the fight together, joined by threads of common service and experience. Veterans Day honors hold special significance; it’s not just a day off to relax, but a day to honor the men and women who served their country, including more than 84,000 of them in El Paso County.

For one day out of the year we can join together with our fellow Americans, united in offering respect for those who sacrificed and, for love of country, served. We honor them because we know if it were not for the people who serve, we would not enjoy the freedom and liberties we enjoy each and every day.

I’m especially thankful to be serving an installation, community, and nation alongside other veterans who raised their right hand and answered their nation’s call. This resolute spirit and unmatched selflessness, reminds us there are few things more American than giving of ourselves to serve and defend the lives of others. Also, we must never forget the countless families who stand alongside each and every veteran. Even though they might not wear the uniform, their exemplary dedication is unmatched in service to this great nation.

On this Veterans Day make it your personal mission to recognize the ones, past and present, who set the example of U.S. military service. Commit to acknowledging the brave warriors of air, space, land, sea and cyberspace who are deserving of thanks from each American who enjoys the freedom their efforts brought.

Thank a veteran this Veterans Day. Let us show them the extraordinary gratitude they so rightly deserve.