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Snow Call FAQs

Snow Call Update FAQs

SBD 1 Base Information 

Gate hours: The Peterson SFB North, West and East Gates will open normal hours to facilitate mission essential personnel onto the base. 

SATO Travel: All online and nothing will be affected. 

PAX Terminal: All flights will be cancelled if there is delayed reporting or base closure. 

Finance Hours: For 2-hour delayed reporting (9:30 a.m.), finance will be open at 10:30 a.m. 

Judge Advocate General:  

Delayed Reporting: Regular hours and appointments as scheduled after 9:30 a.m. Walk-in hours typically Wednesday 8 to 9 a.m. will be cancelled if there is delayed reporting on Wednesday.  

Base Closure: Legal Office closed. Should you have a scheduled appointment, the legal office will reach out to you to reschedule as soon as possible. Walk-in hours typically Wednesday 8 to 9 a.m. will be cancelled if there is a base closure on Wednesday. 

Fitness Center: 719-556-4462 

  • Members should call the fitness center to verify. 
  • If a 2-hour delay is decided on the morning of, the Fitness Center is usually open due to opening time being around the same time as the snow call conference call.  
  • If a delay is called the night prior, the fitness center will open at the posted delay time regardless.   
  • All classes prior to delayed reporting times are cancelled.  
  • Contractors receive the delay/closure notices and behave accordingly.   
  • People need to stay out of the parking lots in the event of a delay to allow CE to plow.  
  • In the event of early release, the facility closes within an hour of the latest posted departure time. However, the intent of an early release is to get people home safely and allow CE to get working on the roads therefor members should depart at earliest safe opportunity.  

CDC: 719-554-9572 and CDC Annex: 719-556-7460 

Delayed Reporting 

  • Mon-Fri, the CDC is open to MISSION ESSENTIAL ONLY until the delayed reporting time.  
  • Non-mission essential personnel will be turned away if they try. 
  • All mission essential members must have a letter on file with the CDC. 
  • Non-mission essential personal should not bring their children in until the designated time.  

Early Release 

  • The CDCs will stay open until the last child is picked up  
  • Early release intent is to get people home safely and allow CE clear the roads therefore members should depart at the earlies safe opportunity.  
  • If a child goes to an in-home on base provider  
  • In-home childcare providers set their own hours.  
  • Families should discuss this with their care provider. 
  • For more information contact the CDCs directly.  

Youth Center: 719-556-7220 

  • If schools are closed, the youth center will be open for all school-aged children. 
  • For more information call the Youth Center directly.  

Open-Rec at Youth Center:  

  • If there is a delay or the base is closed, upstairs of the Youth Center in the Open Rec center will also be closed.  
  • No children will be accepted. 

School Buses: School buses will come on base at their normal time if the school district is not delayed regardless of the status of the base. If the school is running on a delayed schedule, buses will run accordingly. 

WAPS Testing: 719-556-4048 

  • If Peterson SFB has Delayed Reporting 
  • WAPS testing will be moved from 7:30 to 10 a.m. 
  • If Peterson SFB has a Base Closure 
  • Airmen scheduled to test will be rescheduled and Airmen will be notified of new test date by their Unit WAPS Monitor. 
  • Members should call WAPS Testing office for additional information. 

PT Testing: PT tests scheduled before 9:30 a.m. will need to be rescheduled. Contact your Unit Fitness Monitor to reschedule your test. 

Medical Appointments: 719-526-2273 

  • Any medical appointments that are before 10 a.m. will need to be rescheduled. 
  • Individuals who have a cancelled appointment due to a snow delay can call 719-524-CARE or 719-526-CARE (2273) to make a new appointment. 

Dental: Any dental appointments that are before 10 a.m. will need to be rescheduled. 

AAFES: 719-596-7272 | AAFES hours are not affected by delayed reporting  

Commissary: 719-556-7765 

Commissary Pharmacy: 719-556-1109 

  • Scheduled to open at designated delayed reporting time.  
  • This may be subject to change based on available manning and weather conditions.  
  • Members should call the pharmacy directly for more information.  

Gate guard duty 

  • Gate augmentees will arrive to their appropriate gate 45 minutes prior to the base’s non-mission essential report time.  
  • Augmentees should exercise extreme caution while commuting to base and communicate any concerns with their leadership. 

Individual commuting/Safety Concerns 

  • Safety is of the upmost importance. Weather conditions can vary widely across the area and what one person considers as safe driving conditions may not be for another. If individuals feel it is unsafe to attempt driving to work, they should contact their supervisor to discuss the situation. 

Schedule events 

  • Any special event scheduled before 9:30 a.m. will be postponed or rescheduled. 

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station 

  • A representative from CMSFS participates in the snow call with SBD 1. 
  • Please see all available channels for CMSFS information. 

What if I can’t get ahold of an organization? 

  • If an organization cannot be reached by phone, recommend individuals call the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post to reach the organization’s commander. 

Civilian Personnel: 719-556-4775 

  • If there is a delay, civilian supervisors have the discretion to allow members to take the day off if they are unable to make it into work.  
  • Safety is our main priority, and we understand weather conditions vary widely across the Front Range.  
  • For more complex issues with civilian leave on days with inclement weather, please refer to the Civilian Personnel Office.  

Winter Emergency Kit


Reporting Updates

Snow Call Line
719-556-7669 (SNOW)

X (Formerly Twitter) 


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question relates specifically to Higher Headquarters, please review the FAQs below.





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 Spouse/Parenting Resources
How can I apply for financial aid in my spouse's absence?
Contact the A&FRC at (719) 556-6141 to receive assistance from the Air Force Aid Society in the form of a loan or grant. You must have POA in order to apply for financial aid.

I didn't get to attend the Readiness Briefing with my husband and feel like I missed out on a lot of information. Where can I get that from?
The A&FRC holds Readiness Briefings every Monday at 1 p.m. and spouses are more than welcome to attend even after their spouse has left. If you can't make the briefing on Mondays, contact the A&FRC for a one-on-one briefing. Spouses are also encouraged to attend the Welcome Home Briefing with their spouses. There is a children's area available if you need to bring your children with you.

I live in base housing and my husband just deployed, does Tierra Vista offer any services?
Whether you need some assistance mowing your lawn, getting a flat tire fixed, or have a heavy piece of furniture you need moved, Tierra Vista is here to help. Please stop by our Housing Office located on Peterson AFB or call us at (719) 597-7200 to find out more about our Deployment Assistance Services. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to be of service to your family during this time.

I need a break from my children - please help me!
The Main Child Development Center (CDC) on Peterson AFB has Give Parent's A Break sponsored by the AFAS. There is also All Parents Deserve a Break sponsored by NORAD/NORTHCOM for all Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and Canadian Forces. This is FREE childcare that is offered one Friday night per month. You can get a referral certificate from your First Sergeant, Commander, Chaplain or the A&FRC. Please call the Main CDC for more information & dates at (719) 554-9572. There is also Parent's Night Out which costs $20 per child. There is also Returning Home Care so when your spouse returns you can take advantage of 16 hours of FREE childcare in a licensed Family Child Care home. Members must use this service within 30 days of return. Call (719) 556-4322 for more information.

I would like to get my children involved in some after school activities to keep them busy during my spouse's deployment. Where can I find some information?
Visit the Force Support Squadron link at and go to the Youth Center page to get the schedule for all upcoming youth sports and activities.

Is there any way to stay in touch with my loved one without calling cards?
Contact the A&FRC to make sure that you are signed up for "Hearts Apart" morale calls. You can make one 15 minute phone call per week from your home to your spouse's deployment location by simply calling the base operator at (719) 556-7321.

My child is struggling with math at school and we can't afford to hire a tutor. Do you know where I can get assistance?
The A&FRC sponsors a program called "Tutor Time," this program is available for any child who has a parent that is deployed, on a short tour, or on an extended TDY. Tutoring sessions are held every Tuesday evening by appointment only. Please contact Tech. Sgt. Stacy Oliver at (719) 556-6141 or email her at for more information.

My spouse just left for a deployment and his tire went flat on his car. Where do I go for help?
Contact the Peterson Airman & Family Readiness Center at (719) 556-6141 and they will get you in contact with one of the volunteers from Helping Hands. The volunteer will contact you and set up a good time and come take care of it for you. Helping Hands Volunteer program will help with mowing the lawn, shoveling snow and fixing things around the house as well as many more things.

Where can I meet other spouses that are going through the same struggles I am?
Peterson and Schriever AFB host a monthly Deployed Families Dinner on the 1st Friday of each month. There is free food, door prizes and events for the children. Please contact your First Sergeant or the A&FRC for more information.

Who can I talk to about the stress that I am encountering with my spouses deployment?
Contact the Military & Family Life Consultant at (719) 640-9961. Consultations are free and anonymous. You can also contact the A&FRC at (719) 556-6141 to receive assistance.

 Noise Complaints
Who do I call to file a noise complaint?
To file an official noise complaint, please call the Public Affairs office at 556-5185.

I'd like to visit my parents with the kids while my husband is away but don't have a lot of money for tickets. Do you know of a cheaper route?
Why not try Space-A travel? Effective Dec. 6, 2007, spouses and dependent children of military members deployed for 120 or more consecutive days are authorized to travel Space-A unaccompanied in Category IV. Click here for more information.

Where can I purchase discounted tickets for leisure and travel?
Visit Bldg. 640 ITT Offices, or call 556-1760 or 556-1733

The ticket office sells tickets to various sporting events, performances, and amusement parks. Tickets are available for local, regional and national venues. Many of the tickets are reduced in price in the form of a military discount so always check with us first before making a purchase anywhere else.

Information, Tickets & Tours (ITT)
(719) 556-1760 or (719) 556-1733
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - Closed

Leisure Travel
The Peterson AFB Leisure Travel Office is southern Colorado's only leisure travel office devoted specifically to discounted travel for the military.

Cruises to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska and more.

Packaged Trips to Las Vegas, Disneyland, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe and more.

Discounted Airfare to international destinations, Europe, Asia and more. Special discounts are based on season and availability.

Peterson AFB - Official Travel
For travel on official orders please call Rodgers Travel at 556-4199

Colorado Travel
For vacations and resort lodging in Colorado, please call Colorado R&R at 719-333-7367. Please mention that you were referred by Peterson I.T.T.

Renate Powell (719) 556-2116,
Teresa Shonka (719) 556-6447,
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

 Media Contacts

What are some other Media contacts that relate to Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs?

North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Public Affairs, Peterson Space Force Base
Media Relations: (719) 554-6889
Fax: (719) 554-3165
Newspaper: None
Web address: 

Space Operations Command Public Affairs, Peterson Space Force Base
Media Relations: (719) 554-3842
Fax: (719) 554-6013
Web address:

302nd Airlift Wing, Peterson Space Force Base
Media Relations: (719) 556-4117
Fax: (719) 556-4214
Command Information: (719) 556-4117 
Web address:

Army Space and Missile Defense Command
(719) 552-0576
Web address:


50th Space Wing Public Affairs, Schriever Air Force Base
Media Relations: (719) 567-2145
Fax: (719) 567-5306
Newspaper: Satellite Flyer
Editor: (719) 567-5041
Web address:
E-mail contact:

United States Air Force Academy Public Affairs, Colorado Springs, CO
Media Relations: (719) 333-7731
Fax: (719) 333-4094
Newspaper: Academy Spirit
Editor: (719) 333-7567
Web address:

Fort Carson Army Post Public Affairs, Fort Carson
Media Relations: (719) 526-4143
Fax: (719) 526-1021
Newspaper: Mountaineer
Editor: (719) 526-4144
Web address:

Buckley Space Force Base Space Base Delta 2 Public Affairs, Aurora, CO
Media Relations: (720) 847-9431
Newspaper: None
510 S. Aspen St. (Stop 88)
Buckley SFB, CO 80011
Web Address: