Bioenvironmental engineering reports water quality

  • Published
  • By Stephen Brady
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

Colorado Springs Utilities and Cherokee Metropolitan District provide drinking water to Peterson and Schriever Space Force bases, respectively. Base personnel can get facts about the water they drink from the recently released water quality reports, available here for both Peterson SFB and Schriever SFB.

These reports inform the public about the water quality and water services delivered to each base every day. Utilities staff, as well as the 21st Medical Group’s Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight, test the water consumed throughout the base. Throughout the process of collection, treatment and distribution, certified water treatment plant operators and laboratory staff monitor the water quality for its chemical and biological content. Some of these analyses are required to meet state and federal standards, while others are part of ongoing testing to assure a continual supply of high-quality drinking water.

The reports were also provided to all child development centers and the base dental surgeon. Customers without web access can obtain a hard copy of the reports at the Bioenvironmental Engineering office located in building 1246 on Peterson SFB. For questions concerning water quality issues in the applicable Tierra Vista Community distribution systems, please call the TVC facility maintenance department at 719-597-7200 (PSFB) or 719-694-0194 (SSFB). For more information about Peterson or Schriever SFB water quality, call Michael Puleo at 719-556-7721.