Embodying the Guardian Spirit: Sgt. Daryl Griffin

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Danielle Rose
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

In 2023, the U.S. Space Force released the Guardian Spirit handbook which formalized the service’s four core values, otherwise referred to as the four Cs — Character, Connection, Commitment and Courage. The four Cs form the foundation of the Guardian Spirit and serve as a collective representative of what it means to be a thriving member of the USSF. Sgt. Daryl Griffin, 8th Combat Training Squadron satellite vehicle operator staff instructor, embodies these four core values to the fullest extent. 

It is due to Griffin’s dedication to living out the four Cs in and out of uniform that earned him the 2023 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award nomination for Space Operations Command (SpOC). The award honors military members and Department of Defense civilian employees who best epitomize the qualities and core values of their respective service and enthusiastically support civil rights movement in the armed forces and the federal civilian workforce.

“At my workplace, I uphold principles of respect and fairness, actively mentoring and leading projects aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion,” Griffin said.

Griffin is deeply grateful and honored to be selected as the Guardian that will represent SpOC at the AFPC level for the award across the Department of the Air Force.

“Being mentioned in a sentence alongside the esteemed Roy Wilkins, who was recognized as a champion of civil rights in America and led the NAACP, is truly an honor,” Griffin said. “Even being associated with such a prominent figure in the civil rights movement is a humbling acknowledgement of my efforts to support such a cause within the military and civilian workforce.”

The award nomination not only credits Griffin’s dedication to his efforts for upholding fairness and respect amongst all members of the DoD, but it also recognizes Griffin’s dedication to embodying a culture of excellence within the USSF.

“Through my dedicated work within the USSF and the DoD, I have been able to promote and consistently demonstrate excellence in my duties and actively support the advancement of many people,” Griffin said. “I try to set an example for others to follow, whether through my actions in executing missions with precision or fostering collaboration among colleagues, I strive to embody the Space Force’s core values in all aspects of my work… contributing to a culture of excellence, respect and inclusivity within the USSF and the DoD.”

While Griffin remains dedicated to highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion everywhere he can, he also remains dedicated to his role within 8 CTS as a satellite vehicle operator staff instructor, helping to improve mission readiness capabilities for Space Delta 8 and the USSF at large.

“I am responsible for training and preparing personnel to effectively operate satellite systems. Through comprehensive training programs, I equip personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to execute satellite operations with precision and efficiency,” Griffin said. “By ensuring that operators are proficient in their duties, I directly enhance the operational capabilities of satellite missions critical to Space Delta 8 and the USSF.” 

Through his instructing and satellite technology expertise, Griffin is helping establish and improve the future satellite vehicle operators of the USSF. Without 8 CTS experts such as Griffin, the Space Delta 8 and USSF mission would be greatly hindered.

“… I stay updated on the latest advancements in satellite technology and incorporate them into my instruction,” Griffin said. “I also play a crucial role in shaping the competence and readiness of satellite operators, without us, the overall success of space missions would be negatively impacted.” 

When Griffin is not busy instructing the next generation of satellite operators or highlighting diversity and inclusion in his workplace, he can be seen during his free time advocating for minorities within the local Colorado Springs community.  

“I have been a part of planning the African American Youth Leaders Conference which will provide mentorship and fostering opportunities for personal and professional development for young minorities,” Griffin said. “I also devote time to mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds and spearheading projects amongst the community that contribute to creating inclusive environments.”  

Griffin aims to continue promoting diversity and inclusion efforts in the USSF and local communities and believes that regardless of race or gender, everyone brings unique perspectives, experiences and talents to the table which all adds to mission success and will allow for a more equitable future for generations to come. 

Headquartered at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, DEL 8 provides Satellite Communications and is the focal point for U.S. protected and assured Military SATCOM. The delta is composed of four squadrons: 4th Space Operations Squadron, 8th Combat Training Squadron, 10th Space Operations Squadron, and 53rd Space Operations Squadron. For more information on DEL 8, visit: www.petersonschriever.spaceforce.mil/SpaceDelta8/