USSF takes control of Army satellite course, graduates nine fully trained operators

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Justin Todd
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

On March 15, 8th Combat Training Squadron’s Detachment 1 graduated the first ever class of nine fully trained wideband transmission controller operators, providing operations-ready warfighters to five different wideband satellite communications operations centers.   

The course consists of 686 training hours spanning 86 training days. It was managed by the U.S. Army until the Space Force assumed responsibility in 2022. Upon completion of the Army course, graduates would still have up to six months of on-the-job training before they were fully qualified to operate. 

Not anymore.  

Those who passed the eval are fully qualified operators, able to operate on the floor on their own, saving those six months of on-the-job training. This shows us a completion of the proof of concept for the training.
U.S. Space Force Capt. Curtis Lingenfelter, 8th CTS DET 1 commander

The course’s 4-month curriculum was revamped in about a 9-month period to focus more on the transmission controller position itself, rather than wideband satellite transmissions as a whole.  

“We’re using actual systems and live-shadow time to teach Guardians how to actually perform the job,” Lingenfelter said. 

The transmission controllers – graduates from this course – provide critical SATCOM support to the USAF, USSF, Department of Defense, presidential communications and many other agencies.  

Transmission controllers serve as the first line response working diligently to resolve any issues in a timely manner.
U.S. Space Force Tech. Sgt. Ethan Wilkinson, 8 CTS DET 1 instructor

“This class represents the great work that is performed by our Guardians in Space Delta 8,” Lingenfelter said. “It shows the exact kind of connection and commitment we work to embody to be able to care for students in a new place and continue to train the best SATCOM warfighters possible.” 

The graduates are now part of detachments of the 53rd Space Operations Squadron across the globe. 

Space Delta 8 – SATCOM provides Satellite Communications and is the focal point for U.S. protected and assured Military SATCOM.