September's Outstanding Performer

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mario Calabro
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Deiron Armstead, 821st Space Base Group flight sergeant, is Space Base Delta 1’s outstanding performer for September. 

Soon after arriving to Pituffik Space Base, it didn’t take long for Armstead to make his mark within his unit. Armstead found contradictory information with security posting requirements and notified his leadership. Thanks to his watchful eye, Armstead eliminated security asset issues. These assets are critical to national security and would greatly impact U.S. war-fighting capability if destroyed or compromised. 

Armstead also led five personnel in generating more than 800 dollars in less than two weeks for a three-day commemorative event without any funding. Because of his adept leadership, Armstead was able to feed 15 guests and promote international relations with the people of Qaanaaq, and which greatly enhanced the morale of his fellow airman and guardians.

Armstead also took on the task of completely overhauling an emergency response checklist, deleting a backlog of outdated information that had been a part of his unit’s system for over two years. By doing this, Armstead helped the Base Defense Operations Controller shorten the time it takes to dispatch security forces.

Armstead’s duties also require him to share Pituffik’s daily report with multiple installations, informing personnel on any significant news transpiring on base; ultimately promoting a sense of community and awareness amongst the personnel of Pituffik Space Base.  

When Armstead isn’t busy being a wingman at Pituffik, he enjoys woodworking, music and working out. But being a wingman is in his blood, as he mostly enjoys spending time with his colleague’s singing karaoke. 

Armstead also manages a flight of nine airmen and says he’s, “Grateful to be part of their journey of self-discovery as they grow professionally and personally.” Though he does admit that the only con to being their leader is not being there to see them become NCO’s. “I have faith in their abilities,” says Armstead. “And I know the next generation of NCO’s will achieve great feats.”