Holistic Health Approach helps Guardians improve their lifestyle

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mario Calabro

Peterson Space Force Base is implementing a new Holistic Health Approach Program to teach U.S. Space Force Guardians better dietary, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Once the program is fully operational Guardians will have access to strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, mental health providers and Chaplains.

“We want to engage with individuals well before they are sick, failing body composition, or failing their [physical fitness] test,” said Alexander Morrow, Space Base Delta 1 holistic health integrator. “We strive to provide the knowledge and tools to set Guardians up for success.”

HHA aims to take advantage of the U.S. Space Force’s Continuous Fitness Assessment. This system, currently being studied by the Air Force Research Lab, uses digital watches to monitor the health of individual Guardians on a regular basis in place of the annual fitness tests used in other military branches. 

“A great part of the HHA is focusing on what you do during your day,” explains Adam Whisler, Space Base Delta 1 strength and conditioning coach, “If you’re working out one hour a day, what’s happening those other 23 hours? We want to be there, teaching Guardians healthier lifestyles.”

Without fitness tests Guardians have the freedom to focus on areas of health and fitness that are pertinent to their life. HHA aims to promote these focuses and give professional guidance to help improve each Guardian’s lifestyle.

“HHA is aiming to one day go “outside the gate” by establishing partnerships in the local Colorado Springs community to provide opportunities for Guardians to enjoy activities like running, hiking or even jiu jitsu,” proclaimed Morrow.

“The leadership I’ve had the chance to meet with is really excited about this,” exclaimed Morrow. “The U.S. Space Force is an innovative force willing to try new approaches to ensure their Guardians are performing at their best.”