Hernandez brings a winning attitude to protocol

  • Published
  • By Kristian DePue
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

U.S. Space Force Spc. 4 Alexis Hernandez, Schriever Space Force Base protocol specialist, is Space Base Delta 1’s Outstanding Performer of the Month for July 2022.

Hernandez is a cyber technician devoting a year to the fast-paced, base-level protocol office at Schriever SFB, Colorado, and has been described as the center of the protocol team.

“When Hernandez volunteered to work protocol, she didn’t know what it would entail,” said Karen Fairbanks, Schriever SFB protocol officer. “Before I let her accept the position, I sent [Hernandez] 20 items we perform any given day, and she replied: ‘I’m ready!’ Hernandez learned a complex, high-profile job that performs at 200 miles per hour every day with a zero-fail mission rate and hits every target center-of-mass.”

SBD 1’s base-level protocol offices are responsible for organizing ceremonies and presenting distinguished visitors with respect and support. Protocol’s mission is to support SBD 1 and their partners with confidence, insight and style while navigating high-profile gatherings of local, national and international professionals, and dignitaries. 

“Hernandez brings protocol to life during distinguished visits and ceremonies,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Dan Stellabotte, Delta Staff Agency senior enlisted leader. “She’s consistently recognized for her winning attitude and ability to adapt to ever-changing operations.”

Fellow Schriever SFB Protocol Officer 2nd Lt. Richard Ibarra described Hernandez as a stellar performer.

“She consistently goes above and beyond,” said Ibarra. “She excels in both preparation and execution for each and every event. Hernandez expertly organizes ceremonies directly impacting the continuity of leadership for several mission support squadrons and space deltas. Her work ethic and attitude are second-to-none; she always gives her all with a positive attitude. Every day is filled with many laughs and smiles.”

Hernandez explained that while she did not have much growing up, she was rich in family

“I'm very thankful,” said Hernandez. “My grandma raised me when my mom worked. Mom always worked hard to provide for us, and we had uncles and aunts that would help. My family is my biggest support system.”

With the influence of family serving, or having served in the military, Hernandez decided to join the U.S. Air Force. Hernandez has been with the USAF, and subsequently USSF, for three years and three months, and stationed at Schriever SFB since November 2021.

“The [U.S] Air Force has given me opportunities to travel, meet new people and have experiences,” said Hernandez. “I love my life since joining. I’m not saying it's been easy, but the rewards have been far reaching. I’m more comfortable going outside my comfort zone. Overall, the military has given me the opportunity to grow.”

When asked for a quote that inspires her, Hernandez looks back to her support system.

“Al mal tiempo, una bonita sonrisa,” said Hernandez. “It’s a quote my grandma shared with me. It translates to: ‘In bad weather, a beautiful smile.’”

The quote comes from a story about a young girl who walked home from school during a lightning storm because her mother was late to pick her up. When the mother found her walking, she noticed the girl was smiling, despite being drenched from the rain.

“Her mother asked why she was smiling, and the girl told her, 'The angels were taking pictures of me',” said Hernandez. “This quote reminds me to smile through storms – to find the good in the bad.”