50th SCS Supra’star

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aaron Edwards
  • P-S GAR Public Affairs

SCHRIEVER SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. – U.S. Space Force Spc. 4 Aileen Ocampo, 50th Space Communications Squadron network infrastructure technician, is the Peterson-Schriever Garrison outstanding performer of the month for April 2022.

Ocampo joined the U.S. Air Force in May, 2019 as a way to travel the world. After technical training, she was sent to Anderson Air Force Base, Guam to work with the Defense Information Systems Agency. During her time at AAFB she was promoted and started her transition into the United States Space Force.

“I loved Guam,” said Ocampo. “Overseas, people are a lot closer because they’re further away from their families.” She went on to encourage others to make the most of their time there, “If you take advantage of all the opportunities on the island [Guam] - the beach, food and getting involved - it’s great.”

Ocampo was stationed at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, to work with the 50th Space Communication Squadron as a network infrastructure technician in Dec, 2021. Since then, she has worked on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), replacing all of the old phones on SSFB with more modern phones.

“Ocampo was selected as P-S Garrison’s Outstanding Performer of the Month due to her ever increasing expertise, moral character and incredibly friendly nature when supporting the users of Schriever SFB,” said U.S. Space Force Tech. Sgt. Christopher Reljin, 50 SCS section chief of infrastructure. “She has helped tremendously in converting the base antiquated phone system to a modern digital telephone solution, affecting all 8,000 personnel. Furthermore, she is a “Supra Coder” who is always thinking in new ways and is motivated in finding solutions to innovate our current processes and improve the operational capabilities of the 50 SCS.”

Ocampo’s hard work and dedication to her job has helped contribute to a 90% reduction in work orders for her office, lightening the work load and improving efficiency.

“In the short time she has been with the work center, she has elevated our team’s connection and cohesion by organizing meetups, luncheons, hikes and more,” said Reljin. “Her commitment to the success of the 50 SCS mission is unwavering and I look forward to all of the great things she can achieve during her time here.”