Exercise physiologist extends services for Schriever

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman William Tracy
  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

William Goins, 21st Medical Group health promotions flight commander and certified exercise physiologist, is extending his fitness insight and specialty services for Schriever AFB Airmen.

Through his work with Carol Carr, 21st Medical Squadron health promotions coordinator, Goins is providing dedicated appointment slots for Schriever AFB personnel, both on base and at Peterson Air Force Base.

This is different than before, where appointments with Goins were slotted alongside other Front Range military installations, often leading to cramped schedules and services limited to Peterson AFB.

“We've been working on expanding services for base personnel for some time,” Goins said. “Now, these services are available to our greater patient population.”

As an exercise physiologist, Goins uses specialized tools and knowledge to assess, analyze and identify an individual’s overall physical condition, specifically acute response and chronic adaptations.

The core of his evaluation is assessing an individual’s VO2 - the name for the equation which determines an individual’s maximum oxygen consumption.

Goins said one’s oxygen consumption is essential to knowing their physical endurance.

“We have several pieces of equipment for this,” he said. “VO2 is the gold standard for cardiovascular fitness. If we know the VO2, and associated heart rates, we can provide very specific programing to improve fitness, decrease disease risk and ultimately improve performance.”

The process typically requires a patient to take a graded exercise test on a treadmill.

While on the treadmill, the patient is hooked up to a metabolic analyzer kit with a ventilation mask attached, monitoring breathing. The treadmill’s incline and speed is gradually increased as the machine processes information, the test ends when the patient is no longer comfortable the maintaining speed and incline. The result of the test is a set of measurable data for Goins to analyze.

He can then evaluate the data, show the patient his or her desired heart rate and compile data into a personalized fitness program which features daily workout routines to help them reach their fitness goals.

Additionally, Goins now provides individualized and group fitness counseling for Schriever Airmen, sharing general fitness advice.

The VO2 testing process and other exercise physiologist specialties are used to assist people throughout the country, including many Olympic trainers here in Colorado Springs, known as Olympic City U.S.A.

Carr said Goins’ services, combined with her dietician and massage therapy specialties, adds another asset for Schriever AFB Airmen to enhance their physical fitness.

“Goins brings a level of expertise typically reserved for larger bases such as Peterson AFB or the U.S. Air Force Academy,” she said. “Airmen now have access to additional tools to enhance their physical performance and increase their fitness test scores.

“These as well as other health promotion programs are to designed help Airmen improve their nutrition, fitness and overall health,” she continued. “The health promotion vision is to optimize the human weapon system through clinically integrated human performance and leading the transition from healthcare to health.”

Goins said he welcomes the opportunity to make a positive impact.

“This brings more of the human performance element of health promotion to those at Schriever,” he said. “It’s going to make things easier and help a lot of Airmen out.”

To schedule an appointment with Goins, call Carr at 567-4292.