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Victims' Counsel Office

Maj. Kelly N. Fennell image

Maj. Kelly N. Fennell
Victims’ Counsel (VC)
Duty Cell: 202-360-9288
Capt. Samuel J. Arnone image

Capt. Samuel J. Arnone
Victims’ Counsel (VC)
Duty Cell: 202-763-4603
Staff Sgt. Brian Sheeran

Staff Sgt. Brian Sheeran
Victims’ Paralegal
Duty Cell: 240-278-7773


Victims Counsel Office sealThe Victims’ Counsel Program empowers victims of crime worldwide through independent, confidential advice and victim-centered legal representation. VCs assist victims in obtaining support and recovery resources and promotes greater confidence in the military justice process and the United States Air Force.

How Do VCs Assist Clients?

VCs represent victims at every step of the military justice process to enforce their rights. VCs represent victims at law enforcement interviews, trial and defense counsel interviews, every pretrial hearing and at trial. VCs enforce victims' rights to safety, privacy, and the right to be treated fairly and respectfully.

Who Can The Victims' Counsel Represent?

- Active Duty USAF/USSF
- USAFA Cadets

If offense occurred while on Title 10 orders:

- Reserve USAF/USSF
- Guard USAF

If accused is subject to UCMJ:

- Dependent spouses or children
- Retirees

If accused is subject to UCMJ and the offense is connected to military employment:

- DoD Civilian Employees

For all others, please see DAFI 51-207, para., or contact your local Victims’ Counsel Office for more information. Even if a victim is not outright eligible, exceptions can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

How Do You Request a Victims' Counsel?

You may request a VC through the following:

- Victims' Counsel Office
- Sexual Assault Prevention and Response personnel (SAPR)
- Family Advocacy Program personnel (FAP)
- Victim Witness Assistance Program personnel (VWAP)
- Legal Office
- Office of Special Investigations
- Security Forces

If you would like to speak with our office to discuss obtaining representation, please contact your local Victims' Paralegal at (240) 278-7773.

Contact Information

135 Dover St., Bldg 350, Suite 2219
Peterson SFB, CO 80914
(240) 278-7773

Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)