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Public Affairs

Public Affairs advances the Department of the Air Force priorities and achieves mission objectives through integrated planning, execution and assessment of communication capabilities, aligned with PA core competencies—Trusted Counsel to Leaders; Service Member Morale and Readiness; Public Trust and Support; Global Influence and Deterrence.

The Peterson & Schriever SFB Public Affairs Office provides advice and counsel, communication planning and support to seven Delta-level commands—Space Base Delta 1, Space Delta 2, Space Delta 3, Space Delta 6, Space Delta 7, Space Delta 8, Space Delta 9 and PNT Delta (Provisional).

AFI 1-1, 2.15. Use of Social Media. You are personally responsible for what you say and post on social networking services and any other medium. Regardless of the method of communication used, Air Force standards must be observed at all times, both on and off-duty.


AFI 1-1, 2.15.5. When you are expressing personal opinions on social media sites and can be identified as an Airman, you should make clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of the Air Force. While service members may generally use their rank and service even when acting in their personal capacity, they should not do so in situations where the context may imply official sanction or endorsement of their personal opinions.


Avoid perception of DoD sponsorship, approval, or endorsement of any political candidate, campaign, or cause—especially on social media.

To request PA event coverage, please submit a request here at least 10 duty days prior to the event.

Advanced notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. Failure to coordinate in advance will reduce the likelihood that the event can receive PA support. Contact our office at ​(719) 556-5185 for additional guidance.

To receive our newsletter, please work with your unit's designated CSL or commander's support staff to get added to your unit's email distro.


If your unit is still not seeing the FRN on Wednesdays, please email us at

Space Base Delta 1 is a non-public news gathering forum and requires all civilian media to have entry authorization and an escort prior to entering the base. Unless otherwise arranged, all media will enter the installations via the visitor center.


Media interested in covering SBD 1 activities should call (719) 556-5185 or email to arrange for an escort and for detailed information regarding upcoming media opportunities.


The office has a 24-hour on-call PA representative who can be reached through the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post at (719) 556-4555.

The SBD 1 Public Affairs office conducts tours for military groups whose visit fills a mission requirement and civic leader groups that want to learn more about what space-based capabilities the base delivers to warfighters. Tour groups must not exceed 40 personnel.

To request a tour, please email

Self-help photo and video equipment are available on a first-come, first-serve basis when mission requirements, event priority and number of staff available dictate PA coverage of event.

The equipment is for official use only and can be signed out during duty hours Monday - Friday at the Peterson Public Affairs office located at Building 350, Suite 1221.

Please call 719-556-5185 to reserve a camera. Upon pickup, the customer will complete and sign a AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt.

All images taken must be reviewed and cleared for release by Peterson & Schriever SFB Public Affairs Office.

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