PNT Delta Detachment 1


Created upon activation of the new PNT Delta on Oct. 13, 2023, the Delta’s Detachment 1 operates in the Denver area, Los Angeles AFB, and Buckley SFB, in support of the next generation GPS operating system. The Det’s primary mission is providing logistics, maintenance and operations support to GPS space vehicles from the time they depart the production facility (Lockheed Martin), through launch and space vehicle separation from the rocket, and through completion of on-orbit testing and checkout. Once the space vehicle is ready for operational acceptance, Det 1 hands over operational control to Space Operations Command, the PNT Delta, and the 2nd Space Operations Squadron. 

Detachment 1 is responsible for all planning, logistics, training and mission readiness, and systems testing in order to ensure the GPS Space Vehicle is successfully placed in orbit and operates as intended by Space Systems Command and its industry partners. Once the satellite separates from the launch vehicle, Det 1 monitors on-orbit performance and supports anomaly resolution. In order to execute this mission, Det 1 also deploys and sustains the GPS Next Generation Operational System (OCX) ground equipment and assets. Det 1 also provides support for on-orbit testing requirements using residual GPS satellites.

(Current as of Jan 2024)