21st Communications Squadron


Operate global missile warning systems and deliver cyberspace capabilities to defend the homeland and achieve U.S. and allied warfighter objectives.

The squadron uses Defense Red Switch, Military Strategic and Tactical Relay, Land Mobile Radios, and network server infrastructure equipment to achieve their mission on Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.

The 21st Communications Squadron was constituted Nov. 15, 1952 and activated Jan. 1, 1953 at George AFB, California. They moved to Chambley Air Base, France, Dec. 12, 1954, where they were inactivated Feb. 8, 1958. They were reactivated Oct. 1, 1979 at Peterson SFB, Colorado and consolidated with the 2163rd CS Squadron. The squadron was then re-designated multiple times; July 1, 1985 as 2163rd Information Systems Squadron; Nov. 1, 1986 as 2163rd CS Squadron; Dec. 1, 1987 as 2163rd CS Group; May 15, 1992 as 21st CS; June 30, 2003 as 21st Space CS Squadron, and finally as the 21st CS Squadron May 15, 2008.