Space Base Delta 1

Headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, Space Base Delta 1 falls under the direction of Space Operations Command for its day-to-day operational missions, while it receives higher headquarters support for its base operations missions from Air Force Materiel Command as the Air Force servicing major command. 

SBD 1 enables U.S. Space Force operations for nine of the 13 USSF Space Deltas and more than 111 other mission partners across 22 world-wide operating locations by providing integrated Base Operating Support (e.g., directly assisting, maintaining, supplying, and distributing support of forces at the operating location), Combat Service Support (e.g., the essential capabilities, functions, activities, and tasks necessary to sustain all elements of all operating forces at the operating location), and Delta Support Agency services.

SBD 1 is unique in that it currently hosts real property at seven installations to include Peterson SFB, Schriever SFB, Pituffik Space Base, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, New Boston SFS, Ka’ena Point SFS, and the AFRL Maui Optical and Supercomputing Site (AMOS) on the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii. Today, SBD 1 is also responsible for ensuring installation support agreements with U.S. military installations in close proximity to an additional 17 geographically separated units reaching every corner of the globe.

SBD 1 hosts multiple, major mission partners to include: NORAD & U.S. Northern Command; U.S. Space Command; Army Space & Missile Defense Command; Space Operations Command and Space Training and Readiness Command and their operational deltas world-wide; Joint Task Force-Space Defense; Air Force Reserve Command’s 302d Airlift Wing and 310th Space Wing; and shared runway operations with the Colorado Springs Airport. In total, Space Base Delta 1 consists of over 4,300 military and civilian members who support nearly 18,400 personnel.


Peterson SFB traces its roots to the Colorado Springs Army Air Base, established on April 28, 1942, at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, which had been in operation since 1926. The base renamed to Peterson Army Air Base, also known as Peterson Field, Dec. 13, 1942, in honor of the late Army Air Forces 1st Lt. Edward J. Peterson.

On Dec. 31, 1945, shortly after the end of World War II, the Army inactivated the base returning the property to the city of Colorado Springs. In 1947, after the birth of the U.S. Air Force, the base reactivated from Sept. 29, 1947, to Jan. 15, 1948, and again from Sept. 22, 1948, into 1949.

The Air Force reactivated Peterson Field once more following the Jan. 1951 establishment of Air Defense Command at Ent AFB in Colorado Springs – now where the USA Olympic Training Center is located. The 4600th Air Base Group was designated as the 4600th Air Base Wing in 1958, and then predesignated as the 46th Aerospace Defense Wing April 1, 1975. On March 1, 1976, Peterson Field was renamed Peterson AFB.

1st Space Wing was activated Jan. 1, 1983 and the 46th Aerospace Defense Wing deactivated on Apr. 1, the same year. The 3rd Space Support Wing activated Oct. 15, 1986. These two wings deactivated May 15, 1992 and transferred to the newly activated 21st Space Wing.

Groundbreaking for a Consolidated Space Operations Center (CSOC) occurred at Falcon AFS on May 17, 1983. The facility was transferred to Space Command on September 26, 1985. The station became the location where the first independent satellite missions took place. On July 26, 2021, Schriever was officially renamed Schriever Space Force Base.

The station was later renamed Falcon Air Force Base on June 13, 1988.

The installation was renamed on June 5, 1998 in honor of Gen. Bernard A. Schriever, the man considered to be the “father” of the U.S. Air Force’s early ballistic missile and space programs. This marked the first time in U.S. Air Force history that an installation was named in honor of a person still living—Gen. Schriever was 87 years old at the time.

The USSF activated the Peterson-Schriever Garrison on July 22, 2020, merging the 21st and 50th Space Wings under one commander and creating a lean and agile structure for installation support. Both Peterson and Schriever AFB were renamed to Peterson and Schriever Space Force Base July 2021. P-S GAR was redesignated as Space Base Delta 1 on May 23, 2022 to better reflect their function and place within the service’s structure. 


One team delivering warfighting capabilities through unrivaled combat service and base operations support.


America's epicenter of space power; providing agile and uninterrupted service to our warfighters.


- Sustain survivable and endurable power project platforms that enable multi-domain operations.
- Build a professional and resilient Total Force empowered through innovation, experience, education, and inclusiveness.
- Deliver ready and lethal combat-capable Forces to win, now and in the future.

(Current as of July 2023)