5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron

The 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, formerly the 5th Space Control Squadron, empowers space warfighters to foster diverse relationships and challenge norms so that we deter adversaries and pioneer next generation capabilities. The squadron is assigned to Space Delta 3, located at Peterson Space Force Base, Colo.



The 5th EWS provides space control effects for the Commander, U.S. Space Command and other Joint Force Commanders, as directed. The 5th EWS flexible and responsive space control capabilities to the Commander, U.S. Space Command in order to protect and defend national security space capabilities.



The 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, formerly the 5th Space Control Squadron, was activated in February 1989 as Detachment 2, 73rd Space Surveillance Group, located at Royal Air Force Feltwell, United Kingdom. The unit was responsible for detecting, tracking and identifying the status of satellites orbiting Earth.

In October 1989, the unit was re-designated as the 5th Space Surveillance Squadron and was reassigned to the 21st OG in the 21st SW as a geographically separated unit in April 1995 when the 73rd Space Surveillance Group was inactivated. The unit was inactivated in 2003 and its mission was transferred to Detachment 4, 18th Intelligence Squadron at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

The 5th SSS was the only squadron that conducted both the Low Altitude Space Surveillance (LASS) system and the Deep Space Tracking System (DSTS). Both systems are used to track all orbiting man-made objects so that the United States can safely launch space vehicles, avoid collisions in orbit and remain aware of international space activity.

The unit was reactivated at Peterson AFB in October 2019 under the 721st OG, now Space Delta 3, to protect and defend U.S. space capabilities. On April 15, 2022, the 5th Space Surveillance was redesignated as the 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron.


(Current as of December 2023)