4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron

The 4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, formerly the 4th Space Control Squadron, trains, equips and mobilizes to employ space electromagnetic warfare capabilities in order to support full spectrum national security objectives. The squadron is assigned to Space Delta 3, located at Peterson Space Force Base, Colo.



The 4th EWS provides space control effects to the Commander, U.S. Space Command and other Joint Force Commanders, as directed. The 4th EWS prepares to execute space control operations in support of Combatant Commander’s priorities



The unit initially activated in September 1986 as Det. 2, 6960th Electronic Security Command (ESC). The unit provided training for the ESC. It was reassigned to Headquarters, Continental Electronic Security Division in October 1986 and was reassigned again, this time to Headquarters, Space Electronic Security Division in May 1988. In May 1989, it was reorganized under the 694th Electronics Security Wing.

The low altitude space surveillance system was activated by Air Force Space Command in October 1990. The unit was named the 4th Surveillance Squadron. One year later, it was re-designated as the 4th Space Surveillance Squadron. During this time, the unit continued to perform a research and development mission and a mission to train newly assigned low altitude space surveillance operators until April 1993.

The squadron was assigned to the 73rd Space Group and in April 1995 merged with the 21st Space Wing. In April 1996, the unit moved operations from Lackland AFB, Texas, to Holloman AFB, N.M. The unit was re-designated as the 4th Space Control Squadron in February 2003. The unit relocated again in July 2014 to its present location at Peterson AFB. In February 2015, the 76th Space Control Squadron, responsible for delivering defensive and offensive counterspace and space situational awareness, as appropriate, to rapidly achieve flexible and versatile effects in support of global and theater campaigns, was inactivated and ultimately absorbed by the 4th Space Control Squadron. 

The squadron was re-aligned under the 721st Operations Group in October 2019 to support new force structure changes to improve how AFSPC forces protect U.S. and Allied space capabilities and ensure freedom of action in the space domain. On April 15, 2022, was redesignated as the 4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron.

(Current as of Dec 2023)


(Current as of December 2022)