Space Delta 3 Factsheet

Space Delta 3 – Electromagnetic Warfare

Space Delta 3 – Space Electromagnetic Warfare trains and presents operational combat-ready Space Electronic Warfare (SEW) forces in support of assigned missions. DEL 3 is headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.


Present combat-ready Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) professionals to integrate, synchronize, and execute fires for U.S., Allied, and Coalition forces.


Premier Electromagnetic Warfare organization capable of integration and synchronization of joint fires across all domains.


4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron (4 EWS): Trains, equips, and mobilizes to employ space electromagnetic warfare capabilities in order to support full spectrum national security objectives.

5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron (5 EWS): Provides combat-ready electromagnetic warfare forces to the Commander, USSPACECOM in order to protect and defend US and allied global operations.

16th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron (16 EWS): Combat-ready space warfighters defending the space domain with space control systems for our Nation, the Joint Force, and allies.

3rd Combat Training Squadron (3 CTS): Develops and trains combat relevant electromagnetic warfare professionals.

23d Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron (23 EWS): Organizes and trains electromagnetic warfare forces to support U.S. and Allied operations.


The 721st Operations Group was originally activated Oct. 10, 2019, during a ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

The 721st OG was re-designated the Space Delta 3 - Space Electronic Warfare, during a ceremony on July 24, 2020, at Peterson AFB, Colorado.

On July 26, 2021, Peterson AFB was renamed to Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.

On Sept. 21, 2021, DEL 3 was cleared to change their name to Space Delta 3 - Space Electromagnetic Warfare.


(Current as of December 2023)