Furlough affects services on Peterson AFB

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  • By 010411
The following agencies on Peterson AFB will be affected until appropriations are provided if a government shut-down takes place at midnight tonight.

The base museum will be closed. Photography, videography, public address (to include video-teleconference abilities) and graphics capabilities will be unavailable.

Also, the following wing units and agencies will experience significantly reduced manning, resulting in delays, reduced efficiency or unavailability of services:
  • contracting
  • tax center
  • finance (military pay and civilian pay)
  • protocol

If a service is required, call the agency ahead of time to ensure availability.

However, essential services will continue unimpeded including medical treatment, base security and emergency services, and communications. Additionally, the base exchange, commissary, shoppette, child development center, lodging, fitness center, bowling alley and golf course will remain open since they are funded separately. Also, the sexual assault response coordinator is available, essential base transportation services will continue to operate, and promotion testing is not affected.

For up to date information about furlough, go to the Air Force's appropriation information site at http://www.af.mil/2011appropriationsinformation.asp or the U.S. Office of Personnel Management website, http://www.opm.gov/.

For information on current Peterson Air Force Base news, call the Straight Talk Line at 556-9154.