Bench press, powerlift competition tests strength, willpower

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  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Local media outlets are invited to cover Schriever’s annual bench press and dead lift competition 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Jan 26.

To gain access to the base, contact Cheri Dragos-Pritchard at or 719-567-5040 and provide your drivers license information no later than noon Thursday, Jan. 25. Once cleared, media representatives should plan to meet in the Schriever AFB Visitors Center parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 26.

There will be prizes for bench press, deadlift and overall winners. Competitors are typically divided into two groups; one will bench press while the other will dead lift and then the groups will switch. Each competitor is allowed five total lifts per event.  Competitors cannot reduce weight after a failed attempt, but are allowed to attempt the same weight more than once.

If competitors fail their second lift at the same weight, they are out of the competition, even if they haven’t completed five total attempts. Competitors can sit out as many rounds as they like until the weight they want to try is loaded. The person that lifts the most weight based on ratio to body weight is the winner.

Male Records
Most weight deadlifted: 565 pounds-Staff Sgt. Greg Sambula, 2017

Most weight bench pressed: 525 pounds-Staff Sgt. Cyrus Ford, 2005

Most total weight lifted: 955 pounds-Capt. Roger Brooks, 2012

Greatest percentage of weight lifted: 5.38 times body weight-Col. Ken Allison, 2010

Female Records
Most weight deadlifted: 285 pounds-Staff Sgt. Ana Shockey and Danielle Council, 2017

Most weight bench pressed: 165 pounds-Brenda Lewis, 2007

Most total weight lifted: 405 pounds-Staff Sgt. Ana Shockey, 2017

Greatest percentage of weight lifted: 3.21 times body weight-Staff Sgt. Ana Shockey, 2017.