2nd SOPS leads MAC Tour

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Danielle Rose
  • 2nd Space Operations Squadron

U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Robert Wray, 2nd Space Operations Squadron commander, led a tour on the 2 SOPS operations floor for members and partners of the Military Affairs Council, Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC. 

During the tour, Wray spread awareness about the impact and importance of 2 SOPS, specifically how, without 2 SOPS America and its allies' way of life would be greatly hindered. Wray's squadron is tasked with securing and providing precise timing information to military and civilian users around the globe by operating NAVSTAR GPS, the military's largest and the world's most widely used satellite constellation. 

Without 2 SOPS, GPS functions (paying for gas, Apple Maps, online banking, etc) that Americans and our allies rely on would not be operational. 

Learn more about 2 SOPS, a component of the provision Positioning, Navigation and Timing Delta here: 2nd Space Operations Squadron > Peterson and Schriever Space Force Base > Display