April’s Outstanding Performer

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jazmin Smith
  • Space Base Delta 1 Public Affairs

For this month’s Outstanding Performer, we are recognizing U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Bradley Smith, the 21st Security Forces Squadron unit trainer. 

Smith was selected for the position back in March and, with his team of four, shoulders the responsibility of keeping over 250 defenders sharp with upwards of 200 hours of training every year. He also runs the Peterson SFS Augmentee Program monthly and collaborates with the U.S. Air Force Academy for weapons qualifications.   

Smith finds fulfillment in his position as it allows him to leverage his 12 years of service to impart knowledge on his students while also giving him the flexibility to innovate training opportunities beyond the conventional boundaries. Recently, he partnered with the 10th Special Operations Squadron at Fort Carson, orchestrating specialized exercises in raids and night operations to enhance skill sets.  

By offering unique local trainings, Smith fosters stronger relationships with neighboring units, simultaneously paving the way for career advancement opportunities should a member want to apply for a special position. 

“Local trainings save on costs and build a community across the Front Range while also keeping uniform skill standards across geographically dispersed installations,” Smith said.  

Hailing from Brazil, Indiana, Smith’s journey into the military was fueled by a desire to explore the world and have college paid for. Over the years, his interest in building computers led him to pursue a degree in cybersecurity, which he is slated to complete in 2026.   

In his relentless pursuit of excellence, Smith also sought supplemental trainings in Guernsey, Wyoming and honed his expertise through various courses including the Tactical Response Force Assaulter Course, Tactical Combat Casualty Care All Service Members Instructor Course, TCCC Combat Life Savor Course and Traffic Investigator Course.  

One of his former flight chiefs from his tenure at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, noted the respect he earned in the flight before handpicking him as the element leader and spoke to his personal and professional work ethic. 

“He leads with reason, passion and is very levelheaded,” Master Sgt. Chelsea Moschell, 47th Operations Group first sergeant, said. “Brad is very humble and doesn’t like to talk about his accolades. He is the person that you want and need in your corner. If there is ever an issue or concern, I’d recommend vector checking with him because he has this old soul with a lot of tribal knowledge and depth to him.” 

Although he holds the title as a trainer, Smith maintains the mindset of a perpetual student and emphasized the importance of utilizing free educational opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

“My advice is never stop challenging yourself with opportunities,” Smith said.  

During his time at Aviano Air Base around 2013, Smith first came across a video of Jerry Miculek, a renowned American professional competition shooter, igniting his passion for marksmanship. His dream to join the Air Force shooting team drives him to practice at local ranges whenever time permits. In his free time, he also enjoys snowboarding, hunting, fishing and most importantly, spending time with his family.  

“I would thank my family for flexibility it took to ensure we both get to work and established care for our daughter,” Smith said. “I would also like to thank squadron leadership for their support.” 

Currently, Smith is balancing his responsibilities and planning events to celebrate Police Week, commencing May 13, 2024.