Air Force Reserve “legacy unit” supports Space Mission, looks to expand

  • Published
  • By Emily Peacock

One of first recorded uses of electromagnetic warfare stems back as early as the start of the 20th century during the Boer War when British soldiers used searchlights to spring Morse code signals off clouds, disrupting enemy communications.

Since then, EW has evolved to be more precise, deliberate, and effective.

One Air Force Reserve unit located here, the 428th Electromagnetic Warfare Flight, aims to support and improve these competencies.

Originally activated in 1942 as the 428th Bombardment Squadron under the 310th Bombardment Group, Airmen assigned to the squadron flew the B-25 Mitchell aircraft during World War II.

Now referred to as a “legacy unit” of the 310th Space Wing, the last remaining space wing in the Department of the Air Force, the 428th EWF works alongside the U.S. Space Force’s 4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron in a total force integration readiness partnership to train, equip, mobilize and employ space electromagnetic warfare capabilities to support the full spectrum national security objectives. The SEW professionals provide extensive knowledge of electromagnetic spectrum operations, satellite command-and-control and mission planning concepts to bolster crew force depth, continuity, readiness and surge capacity for this critical mission. 

“Our unit is unique in the sense that we are the only Air Force Reserve unit postured alongside the Space Force SEW enterprise in support of the Counter Communications System mission,” said U.S. Air Force Reserve Lt. Col. Jacob Parish, commander of the 428th EWF. “This mission permits our Citizen Airmen to apply their specialized craft in expeditionary environment.”

Similar to the growth and expansion of the EW enterprise, 428th EWF is looking to expand their ranks.

“We are expanding the ranks within our organization due to the persistent demand for support to our shared space electromagnetic warfare mission,” explained Senior Master Sgt. Richard Dawson, senior enlisted leader of the 428th EWF. “Aligning the right people with this mission allows our team to provide repeatable and sustainable support to the Space Force’s EW mission.”  

Rather than recruiting directly from Military Entrance Processing Stations, the 428 EWF continues to recruit from within the ranks of the current and prior military service for individuals who are both STEM-oriented and up for the unique challenge working in the EW community of professionals. 

For Airmen interested in learning more about opportunities with the 428th EWF, please contact