DEL 3 Guardians come together for annual flag football tournament

  • Published
  • By Emily Peacock

PETERSON SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. – Ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend, nearly 100 Guardians from Space Delta 3 – Space Electromagnetic Warfare traded their operational camouflage pattern for belts and flags at the Delta’s annual flag football tournament, or Turkey Bowl, here Nov. 16, 2023.

With many Guardians sporting cleats, pinnies, or their squadron’s patch, Thursday’s tournament served as a rare opportunity for service members to interact with fellow DEL 3 members outside their typical squadron’s circle.

“For us in the 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, we don’t really get to see or interact with any of our sister squadrons,” said U.S. Space Force Sgt. Tyrelle Shepherd. “Opportunities like this bring everyone in DEL 3 together, create a sense of friendly competition and allow us to blow off some steam.”

For Shepherd, who normally serves as a trainer for the 5th EWS, covered down as wide receiver, safety, and – when his legs were tired from running two interceptions, two two-point conversions and one touchdown – quarterback, scoring a total of 10 points in a match against the 23d EWS.

When asked what he was most thankful for this holiday season, Shepherd reflected on his time away from his family.

“It’s been about four or five years since I last spent Thanksgiving with my family,” Shepherd said. “I’ve missed a lot of things over the years being in the military so I’m thankful to be able to go home and see my family. A few of my cousins have had kids since the last time I saw them, so I’m most excited to meet my nieces for the first time.”

In addition to the Turkey Bowl, the day’s festivities also included a chili cookoff. Judged (and eaten) by members of DEL 3, chili entries received points based on four categories: most flavorful, originality, best name, and spiciest.

“Having these events brings people together and builds that camaraderie they otherwise wouldn’t have outside their immediate squadron,” said Col. Nicole Petrucci, commander of DEL 3. “With the holidays coming up, many of our Guardians are deployed or aren’t able to go home. Coming together and knowing they have a support system is everything.”

At the end of the day, it was the 4th EWS that took home the Turkey Bowl trophy. As for the chili cookoff, 3d Combat Training Squadron’s Tech Sgt. Sean Davies’ miso gochujang beef chili was recognized for most flavorful and originality while 5th EWS’s Master Sgt. Cory Takaki’s “TS//SCI//REL-CHILI” won most creative name and spiciest.

DEL 3 trains and presents operational combat-ready space electromagnetic warfare forces in support of assigned missions. DEL 3 is headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.