Space Delta 3 activates 23d Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron

  • Published
  • By by Emily Peacock

The 23d Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, a unit within Space Delta 3 – Space Electromagnetic Warfare, was activated here, Oct. 16, 2023.

Under Space Delta 3, the 23d EWS joins the 3d Combat Training Squadron, 4th EWS, 5th EWS, 16th EWS, and the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Squadron (Provisional).

In opening the activation ceremony, U.S. Space Force Col. Nicole Petrucci, commander of DEL 3, acknowledged the long and bumpy road that led to the 23d EWS’s inception.

“The journey to the activation of this unit has been one of trials and triumphs,” said Petrucci. “The transformation has not been without obstacles—budgetary and manpower constraints, driven by programmatic and technical challenges, have tested the teams resolve. However, we can all stand here today having emerged stronger, more resilient, and united in our mission to excel and innovate.”

In introducing the 23d EWS, Petrucci also revealed the squadron’s patch: the Greek goddess Medusa.

“Just as Medusa was a Guardian, turning adversaries to stone, so too shall this squadron stand as a Guardian in the spectrum, adapting to challenges and transforming them into opportunities,” said Petrucci. 

During the activation ceremony, Petrucci passed the ceremonial guidon to Maj. Zachary Scoggins, signifying the activation of the squadron and the first assignment of authority to the 23d EWS commander.

In his first address as commander, Scoggins thanked his friends, family, and fellow Guardians for their support and shared the unique role the 23d EWS would serve under DEL 3.

“The 23d EWS is tasked with organizing and training electromagnetic warfare forces to support U.S. and allied operations,” said Scoggins. “We are excited to bring forth significant and direct contributions to the Department of the Air Force and its Operational Imperatives.”

DEL 3 serves as the Space Force’s premiere electromagnetic warfare organization, presenting combat-ready EW professionals to integrate, synchronize and execute fires for the U.S., Allied, and Coalition forces.