SpOC launches Space Force’s first two IMD betas

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  • By Space Operations Command Public Affairs

Space Operations Command launched the first two provisional Integrated Mission Deltas on Oct. 13 here. 

The provisional Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Integrated Misson Delta was activated in a ceremony presided over by Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, Space Operations Command commander. 

The Electromagnetic Warfare IMD stood up the same day. 

Establishing these provisional IMDs is an important step in the Space Force’s effort to forge a purpose-built service under the Unified Mission Readiness concept.  

The PNT and EW missions are well-established and good proving grounds for this concept. “Performance should be optimized around our missions rather than the functions that support them; we cannot afford to split a mission area’s critical activities across organizational seams,” said Chief of Space Operations General Chance Saltzman, in a memo released Sep. 12, 2023. “It is essential that all elements of readiness - people, training, equipment and sustainment - fall into the same organizational structure, and that we create unity of command around those elements at the lowest possible level.” 

IMDs are part of a new provisional Space Force construct that will integrate  acquisitions around space mission areas. This command structure orients all aspects of mission area readiness, from personnel to sustainment, within a single organization under the leadership of a command team with the requisite experience to oversee all facets of the IMD’s mission.  

The PNT Delta (Provisional) activation ceremony included the assumption of command by Col. Andrew Menschner and featured opening remarks from Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, Space Operations Command commander. 

“Today marks a significant milestone, not only for Space Operations Command and the Space Force, but for our entire nation as we embark on a journey to optimize and enhance our readiness during an era marked by great power competition,” said Whiting.  “One of two pioneering IMD units, the PNT IMD will function as a vital bridge connecting our operations, engineering, and capability development experts.  Its noble purpose is to eliminate stovepipes, expedite maintenance, and usher in critical systems enhancements at an unprecedented pace.”  

The goal of the IMD concept is to foster unity of command for readiness while simultaneously streamlining unity of effort for capability development.  

This new command structure will be thoroughly tested prior to being considered for implementation across the force and will not affect SpOC’s core mission.  

Space Operations Command is the fight-tonight force and first Field Command of the U.S. Space Force. SpOC’s mission is to protect America and our allies in, from and to space...now and into the future.