23rd SOPS change of command

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brooke Wise
  • SBD 1 PA

United States Space Force Lt. Col. Devin Zufelt took command of the Space Delta 6 – Space Access and Cyberspace Operations’ 23rd Space Operations Squadron located at New Boston Space Force Station, New Hampshire, June 22, 2023.

The 23 SOPS provides critical satellite command and control capability to more than 190 satellites performing intelligence, weather, navigation, early-warning and communications operations.

During the change of command, USSF Col. Christopher Kennedy, DEL 6 commander, passed the squadron guidon to Zufelt to symbolize the change of command. The change of command ceremony marks a seamless transition of leadership and a shared commitment to the mission.

USSF Lt. Col. David Zesinger, 23 SOPS outgoing commander, expressed his sincere gratitude for the opportunity to lead and serve alongside members of 23 SOPS.

In conjunction with the ceremony, other commanders from DEL 6 were also present for a leadership summit with Kennedy. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and dedication to overcome challenges and pursue excellence.