What’s your slogan?

  • Published
  • By Al Strait
  • Director, wing staff agencies
Slogans have always been part of history. All of us have our favorite slogans. There are slogans for sports, slogans for a cause, slogans for advertising, slogans for all occasions and activities. From a historical point we have slogans we all know or have read about in the history books. For example we have "remember the Alamo" or "Kilroy was here." What did those slogans offer to the individuals of that day? "Remember the Alamo" was a battle cry, a slogan of hope and encouragement for Sam Houston's army. During the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston's men shouted this phrase as they defeated Santa Anna's army in a battle which was essentially over in 18 minutes.

In the modern era we also have numerous slogans. Who does not know the slogan made famous by Nike - "Just Do It?" What about the slogan from Kentucky Fried Chicken - ""Finger Licking Good" or one of my favorites from Burger King - "Have It Your Way." The lists of sports slogans are endless. Maybe some of you have heard "Respect All, Fear None," "Refuse to Lose," "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work," or "Our Goal is Stopping Yours."

While there are thousands of other slogans I would like to share a couple of less known slogans. First there is "Pain is temporary, pride is forever." I liken this slogan to the pace we all seem to be setting while at home, at work and even on vacation. The pace could be due to events at work, a host of family events and the list goes on. At times the pace can be painful. The key for me is to remember that regardless of the pace or regardless of the pain involved I am still putting my name on a product or an event. It is my product, my responsibility. With that name comes the pride of knowing that I want to do my best.

Second there is the slogan "My favorite exercise is smiling." I think sometimes we all need to be reminded to be upbeat, positive and be happy about life. True it is a challenging time, but it's important to find joy in what you do and find joy with those you work with and associate with. As I have mentioned in other commentaries, be a wingman and keep tabs on your military and family members. In my day to day contact with Team Pete members, it is refreshing to associate with those team members who always have a smile. It is contagious, so for all, share a smile.

Another good one which I can relate to is, "My mind works like a bolt of lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone." In today's environment we do not need one brilliant flash. We need innovation. We have smart Airmen, we have smart civilians. We all need to be bold in finding better ways to do things. As the wing strategic plan outlines for innovation and discipline, "The 21 SW has led and created an innovative culture where effectiveness and efficiency result in capability and cost-effective stewardship of resources." This should be everyone's goal. The challenge is to be smarter and more efficient in what we do.

One final slogan is, "There are big ships, and small ships, but the best ship of all is friendship. As I look back over my career while on active duty and in my current position I have made a lot of friends. For all of us, people come and go. Some stay longer than others, but regardless of how long they stay, we remember those team members who made a difference at work and in our lives. You knew you could count on them when the chips were down, you knew they would pitch in when you needed help. You knew they would be there when you needed to vent. These are the team members you trust, rely on and who bring the best out of each of us.

In closing my challenge to all who read this article is find your slogan. Find the slogan which motivates you and helps you become the better person, the better supervisor. When you find that slogan then I challenge you to find another slogan, a slogan which will enable you to help a friend or help someone have a brighter day. Find that slogan and then, "Just Do It."