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New Boston Space Force Station

New Boston Space Force Station is located in Hillsborough County of south central New Hampshire. It was transferred from the U.S. Air Force to the U.S. Space Force in the summer of 2020. It was originally established in 1942 as a practice area for bombers and fighter planes from nearby Grenier Army Air Field (now Manchester–Boston Regional Airport). Starting in 1959, it was turned into a satellite-tracking station, providing the facilities most prominent feature, the weatherproof radomes which dot the hillside.

New Boston SFS is operated by the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, a geographically-separated unit of Space Delta 6, part of Space Base Delta 1 at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado.

New Boston Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC)

What is MEC?
MEC stands for munitions and explosives of concern. MEC includes military munitions such as unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, or munitions constituents, like TNT.

History of MEC at New Boston SFS
From 1942 to 1956, portions of New Boston Space Force Station were used as a bombing range for a variety of munitions including bombs and small rockets. Over the years, most of the munitions have been removed. While most of the munitions dropped during that time period were practice bombs and inert rockets, there were some that actually contained explosive materials and could present a hazard today.

What if I find MEC?
Follow the 3Rs of explosives safety if you find any MEC or suspicious items:

MEC is dangerous. Recognizing when you may have encountered MEC is the most important step in reducing the risk of injury or death. MEC may be on land or in the water. MEC may be easy or hard to identify. To avoid the risk of injury or death:

  • Never move, touch, or disturb MEC or something you suspect may be MEC.
  • Beware that MEC may become more dangerous with age, not safer.
  • Do not be tempted to take or keep MEC as a souvenir.

Do not touch, move, or disturb it. Carefully and promptly leave the area.
If you encounter what you believe is MEC:

  • Do not touch, move, or disturb it.
  • Immediately and carefully leave the area by retracing your steps – going out the same way you entered.
  • Once safely away from the MEC, mark the path (such as with a piece of clothing) so responders can find the MEC.

Call New Boston SFS Security at (603) 471-2285. Provide as much information as possible about what you saw and where you saw it in order to help responders find, evaluate, and address the situation. If you believe you may have encountered MEC, report the following:

  • The area where you encountered it.
  • Its general description. Remember, do not approach, touch, move, or disturb it.
  • When possible, provide its estimate size, its shape, and visible markings and coloring.

Additional Safety Information
Non-motorized boating and shoreline fishing permitted only in dedicated areas. To reduce the risk of injury or death, please:

  • No digging anywhere on New Boston SFS without approval.
  • No motorized boating in bodies of water.
  • No anchors in bodies of water.
  • No magnetic fishing in bodies of water.

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New Boston images

New Boston images