645th Cyberspace Squadron

The 645th Cyberspace Squadron, headquartered at Patrick Space Force Base, is a unit of Delta 6.

Mission Statement: Provide defensive cyber operations to the Eastern Range ensuring access to space.

Vision Statement: Be the premier cyber squadron defending space access.

Values: Integrity, Growth, Collaboration

Value Statement: Our core values encompass integrity through open and honest communication, a commitment to personal and collective growth, respect for all, and the courage to innovate and continuously improve, fueled by a passionate drive for success.

The 645th CYS is responsible for supporting the Eastern Range’s Launch and Test Range System through defensive cyberspace operations. E-LTRS is a $20B launch system encompassing 15-million square miles, 14,700 customers, and 35 mission partners.


Prior to the activation of the 645th CYS with an increased emphasis on cyber operations, the unit in charge of military communications was the 45th Space Communications Squadron under the 45th Operations Group and 45th Space Wing – all headquartered at what used to be Patrick Air Force Base. With the startup of the new Service in December 2019, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Patrick Air Force Base were the first installations to be renamed as Space Force installations. Additionally, USSF leadership made the call for legacy communications support to be contracted out to make room for the DCO mission. Subsequently, on 12 January 2023, the 45th Space Communications Squadron was deactivated, and the 645th Cyberspace Squadron was activated.

(Current as of Feb 2024)