What can Military OneSource do for you?

Real help, Anytime, Anywhere 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a WeekServices are private and provided by the Department of Defense at no cost to you.

Relocating to a new community, looking for quality child care, spouse employment, help with home repairs, or have a special needs issue?  Perhaps you need to talk about family issues, sharpen your communication skills, or manage stress.  Call or e-mail a Master's-level consultant today!  No question too small.  No issue to big.

In more than 140 languages.  Written documents can be translated and interpreters can facilitate three-way phone calls to ensure communication between you and a third party.

You have access to six in-person non-medical counseling sessions right in your own community at no cost to you.  Licensed counselors can help with issues such as:
- Coping with deployment and return                   
- Parenting and family matters
- Adjusting to your new location                            
- Grief and loss
- Marital and couples concerns                          
- Combat stress and more...

You will get a privacy statement explaining the limits on confidentiality when you call the service and see a counselor.  Counseling is only available in the United States.

Whether you're a new parent, dealing with relationship issues, or buying your first car, Military OneSource has booklets, CDs and audiotapes to help.  Order your free copies online or by phone.

You'll find locators for education, child care and elder care; useful newsletters; informative articles; referrals to military and community resources; financial calculators; Webinars; relocation tools; audio podcasts; access to consultants; and much more!

Military OneSource is available for all active-duty, Guard, Reserve (regardless of activation status) and their families.


State side:  1-800-342-9647
En espanol llame al 1-877-888-0727
TTY/TDD accessible 1-866-607-6794

Overseas:  access code, *800-3429-6477
*Use access code before dialing the toll free number.
Access codes can be found online.

Collect from outside the US:  484-530-5908
Dial the international operator first