821st Support Squadron

The 821st Support Squadron mission is to provide outstanding mission support to enable force protection, space superiority, and scientific research in the Arctic Region for our Nation and allies. This is done through engineering, medical, communication, logistics, services and airfield operations in support of the 821st ABG and tenant organizations. Most personnel within the squadron serve as Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) for the Base Maintenance Contract. 

The 821st SPTS is comprised of seven flights, which support the infrastructure, facilities, and day-to-day operations for Pituffik Space Base.
The Communications Flight oversees contractors who provide base communications, a Local Area Network and BMEWS radar computer support. Additionally, they support base telecommunications and computer networks and maintain Air Traffic Control and Landing systems, MetNav systems, radios, cable television, and base information management support. The Post Office provides service for all military members assigned to Pituffik. They process over 4,000 pieces of mail annually.

The Airfield Operation's Flight provides air traffic control, airfield management and 24/7 weather operations. The flight manages operations of a 10,000-foot primary runway surface and associated taxiways and aprons, flight service station and weather service for the Pituffik Defense Area, formerly known as the Thule Defense Area.

The Civil Engineering Flight provides oversight for civil engineering functions on Pituffik Space Base to include project planning/programming, engineering design, mechanical, electrical, utility, resources/requirement systems, fire protection and base readiness. They maintain and operate two steam plants and 22 miles of steam and condensate lines. Primary power is provided by a 15-megawatt power plant and a 17-megawatt power plant. Fuel is distributed by 9.2 miles of pipeline from an above-ground tank farm storing in excess of 22 million gallons of fuel. The flight reviews, monitors and evaluates customer service, snow and ice control, work and job order execution, and certifies contractor's monthly, quarterly and 18 month in-service work plan and completed work orders.

The Logistics Flight is responsible for Supply, Fuels Management, Vehicle Operations, Traffic Management, Air Terminal Operations Center and Water Port services. They maintain 505 general purpose and special purpose vehicles. They also transfer and issue an average of 800,000 gallons of JP-8 per month.

The Services Flight provides food service, laundry service, lodging, housing, bowling center, community activities center, consolidated club, fitness center, library, outdoor recreation and a skills development center.

The Hospital provides primary care, 24-hour emergency services including surgery, immunizations, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, physical exams and limited dental care. Their annual workload consists of about 3,000 outpatient visits, 50 inpatients, 300 x-rays, 2,000 prescriptions, 500 immunizations, 20 surgeries, 2,000 lab tests and 300 physical exams.