White House displays Guardian’s child’s Space Force art

  • Published
  • By SAF/PA Staff Writer
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

On Sept. 26, First Lady Jill Biden announced the creation of The Military Children’s Corner at the White House in 2023, dedicating the new art display to the nation’s military children.

Asha, age 16, daughter of U.S. Space Force Col. Raj Agrawal, Space Delta 2 commander, is representing thousands of Space Force military children with her artwork taking inspiration from her own personal and family journey.

“I created this digital art piece to represent all of the places we have lived and traveled to on our military journey from an Air Force family to becoming a Space Force family,” Asha said.

Asha is one of the 12 military children whose artwork is featured at The Military Children’s Corner display, created by First Lady Jill Biden to recognize the nation’s military children and their sacrifices.

“At home and abroad, I've met so many incredible military children. They may not wear a uniform, but they serve our country too,” Biden said. “During my travels, military children have frequently shared their artwork with me, offering a window into their lives.” 

As part of her Joining Forces initiative, which supports military and veteran families, caregivers and survivors, Biden is leveraging art as an educational tool to help Americans learn about the experiences of the 4 million military-connected children whose parents are active-duty servicemembers, National Guard or reservists or veterans. Biden says she was inspired by their stories of kindness, ingenuity and strength and the affect they could have on viewers.

“I wanted to bring their art and talents to the White House,” Biden said. “As visitors enjoy The Military Children’s Corner, I hope they also take a moment to reflect on the service and sacrifice of our military families.” 

Asha’s artwork features the Space Force Delta, which shows trailblazing their path, and the Air Force Hap Arnold wings, which represents her family’s Air Force history.

“Asha was the first in our family to embrace our new identity as being part of the Space Force after spending most of her young life as part of the Air Force space operations community,” Agrawal said. “She has seen the birth of our newest military branch up close and is one of the Space Force’s biggest fans. Her mom, her two brothers, and I are so proud of Asha and that her unique gifting is getting this White House-level recognition.”

Displayed in a custom art case designed to replicate the look and feel of bulletin boards commonly found in elementary schools, the Military Children’s Corner welcomes White House visitors of all ages. Updated quarterly, the display will feature a variety of art from military-connected children.