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Pituffik Space Base, Greenland

Pituffik Space Base (pronounced bee-doo-FEEK), formerly known as Thule Air Base (pronounced too-lee), is located in Greenland—a country within the Kingdom of Denmark and inhabited by approximately 56,000 people. Greenland covers nearly 840,000 square miles; more than 80 percent is covered either by the ice cap or smaller glaciers. Pituffik SB is locked in by ice nine months out of the year, but the airfield is open and operated year round.

Pituffik SB, the DoD's northernmost installation, is operated by the 821st Space Base Group and part of Space Base Delta 1.

Pituffik SB exists today due to agreements between the United States and the Kingdom of Denmark, specifically addressing mutual defense. Strategically, Pituffik SB’s “Top of the World” vantage point enables Space Superiority. Pituffik SB supports Missile Warning, Missile Defense and Space Surveillance missions from the solid-state phased-array radar operated by the 12th Space Warning Squadron (12 SWS) and Satellite Command and Control through the Pituffik Tracking Station operated by the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 1 (Det-1).

Pituffik SB Units

The mission of the 821st SpaceBase Group is to enable force protection, space superiority and scientific research in the Arctic Region for our nation and allies through integrated base support and defense operations. The 821 SBG operates not only the DoD's northernmost installation but also the world's northernmost deep-water Seaport and provides a unique platform for arctic training, international scientific research and environmental programs.

The mission of the 821st Support Squadron is to provide outstanding mission support to enable force projection, space superiority, and scientific research in the Arctic Region for our Nation and allies. This is done through engineering, medical, communication, logistics, services and airfield operations in support of the 821 SBG and tenant organizations. Most personnel within the squadron serve as Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) for the Base Maintenance Contract.

The mission of the 821st Security Forces Squadron is to DEFEND, TRUST, and CHALLENGE. Defend the base and each other. Trust each other enabling candid feedback and allow room for growth. Last but not least, Challenge each other and yourself every day to be better! Our mission set ranges from providing security to protection level resources, to investigating mishaps and crimes at Pituffik.

The mission of the 12th Space Warning Squadron is to execute flawless Missile Warning, Missile Defense, and innovative Space Surveillance operations in order to deter aggression, secure space, and if necessary, prevail in conflict. 12 SWS crews operate the Upgraded Early Warning Radar weapon system, a phased-array radar that detects and reports attack assessments of sea-launched and intercontinental ballistic missile threats in support of strategic missile warning and missile defense. Additionally, the radar supports Space Domain Awareness by tracking and characterizing objects in orbit around the earth. 12 SWS is part of the United State Space Force and reports to Space Delta 4, located at Buckley SFB, Colorado.

23 SOPS, Detachment 1 is one of seven Remote Tracking Stations in the Satellite Control Network. Located approximately 3.5 miles NE of Pituffik main base, Det 1 provides access to satellites for over 20K annual supports to the US Department of Defense, the US Government, and our allies. Detachment 1 reports to the 23rd Space Operations Squadron at New Boston Space Force Station, New Hampshire, which in turn reports to Space Delta 6 located at Schriever SFB, Colorado.

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Contact Information

Pituffik SB Operator
Comm: (719) 474-3840
International: +299.976606/976585

Danish Liaison Office
Comm: (719) 474-3840 ext. 2612
DSN: 629-2612
International: + 299.976526/594126
Email: or

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Web site:
Address: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asiatisk Plads 2, DK 1448, Copenhagen K.
Phone: +45.3392.0000
Fax: +45.3254.0533
Email to submit permits:
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 0900L-1600L

Note: Travel to PituffikSB is limited and only for direct mission support. If there is a valid requirement, review the Foreign Clearance Guide for further instructions on how to initiate a Travel Coordination Request.

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